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Port Dickson through a clickTRUE Newbie’s eyes

By Adel on May 26th, 2015
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Mud, Blood, Laughter, and Mosquitos. That roughly sums up the three days that we spent at Port Dickson as a clickTRUE family!   When the idea of a company retreat first emerged, everyone was intrigued by the idea. Many of us desperately googled “Port Dickson Eagle Ranch” hoping to find good reviews for the place, [...]

The Click to Truth

Zehan Li
By Zehan Li on June 14th, 2013
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Read what Zehan, a J1 intern from RI, has to share about her 2 weeks internship over at clickTRUE!

Intern Knows How the Time Flies in clickTRUE

By Yanru on August 15th, 2012
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Time sure flies like an arrow when you enjoy what you are doing. In a short 10 weeks of internship at clickTRUE, not only did I learn some great digital skills, I also made some great friends here and understood my working style better. Till the next meet up!

Intern Reveals The Inner Scoop and Dark Secrets of clickTRUE

Ming Yeung
By Ming Yeung on July 20th, 2012
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If you want to know the inner scoops and office politicking in clickTRUE, read all about it here from an intern’s 10 weeks observation. There is more to it than just a nice website facade. ;)

Snapshot of An Intern’s Experience with clickTRUE

By Yanru on June 28th, 2012
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If you are looking for a great place with great culture to embark on your digital marketing journey, hear what I have to say about clickTRUE!

I Gave Up A Cushy Job To Follow My Passion…

Sher Min
By Sher Min on May 26th, 2012
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I had a permanent job offer from one of the Big Four in Singapore, but I gave it up in pursuit of my passion. In some ways, I defied what my parents had installed for me and I didn’t regret. Here’s my story….

Christmas Affair 2011

By Myx on December 31st, 2011
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Work hard, Play even harder. That's the motto we live by for those of us working in clickTRUE For all the hard work and effort done, sweat and tears shed, late nights, weekends and yes, birthdays shifts, the clickTRUE team came together to celebrate the holiday season. It is just but fitting since Christmas is [...]

The Curious Incident Of The Intern In clickTRUE

Cassandra Aw
By Cassandra Aw on July 22nd, 2011
in Culture | 1 Comment

Fortunately for this particular intern, her experience hasn’t been quite so nightmarish… Wait, why am I talking about myself in third person today? Let’s rewind and start again from the top, shall we? :D

Company Yacht Trip

Jereme Wong
By Jereme Wong on February 20th, 2011
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Every Chinese New Year, we usually have a company "lohei" session to kickstart the year. This year, to signify a new beginning, we decided to do it off land. We rented a yacht for few hours and did our lohei and dinner off Lazarus Island. Overall, it was a refreshing experience and awesome chill. Looking forward to [...]

What clickTRUE Is REALLY Like – From An Intern’s Perspective

Shi Ming
By Shi Ming on August 16th, 2010
in Culture | 1 Comment

What is working in clickTRUE really like? Get an insider’s view on life in clickTRUE and what it truly stands for from an intern’s point of view.

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