Our Culture

We believe that great, creative innovations are more likely to happen with the right company culture.

Here at clickTRUE, we place huge emphasis on Technology and Talents – technology as the driver to workplace productivity and passionate talents to push business innovations, both individually and collectively (check out our corporate philosophy!). Our goal is to constantly challenge status quo and build a company that evangelises digital marketing .

As such, we believe in hiring talents who love the Internet, sport a good attitude and have a perpetual thirst to acquire new skills and knowledge. Our environment is fast-paced, passionate, team-oriented, creative and interactive. Importantly, we want to achieve the best in work, play and life.

PS: Read what our interns/staff – Ming Yeung, Sher MinShiming and Stephanie have to say about our culture!

To see more of our photos, check out our Flickr Gallery!

And that's Bambi, our 50% Creative Web Designer and 50% Stunt Man in the office!


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