What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free enterprise-class web analytics tracking tool used by SMEs and large organisations like the Pan Pacific Hotel Group, Singtel and Twitter.

If you've always wanted to measure and understand visitors on your web properties and work on improving conversions, you've come to the right place. Google Analytics has helped many organisations around the world improve their ROI. Maybe it's time you start taking it seriously too.


Google Analytics + You

Stop wasting resources on average digital strategies. Understanding that Google Analytics is an essential supplement to your online efforts is your first step to redemption. Here are just some of the benefits of having Google Analytics work in tandem with your digital strategy.


Do the world a favour. Stop advertising blindly. Google Analytics is integrated tightly with Google AdWords – the world's number 1 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform, and also plays nice with other advertising platforms such as Yahoo and Bing.

The data we get from Google Analytics helps us to optimise our client's advertising campaigns the smart way, saving them precious advertising dollars while improving sales, leads, enquiries etc.

GA + Social Media

Google Analytics can help you measure how well Social Media is doing for your business objectives. So now we know how many of your fans and followers are actually doing what you want them to on your website.

Google Analytics can also provide you with many actionable social insights that may even fundamentally change the way you engage your audience. Start Identifying trends and understanding what to focus on.


While the results of you Improving your ranking for certain keywords is great news, do you know how that has helped to increase your ROI? Google Analytics can help you understand this with greater clarity.

Using Google Analytics, you can identify which keywords should be targeted for SEO based on your objectives.

Successful Departments That Use Google Analytics

Here are some ways Google Analytics benefits the various teams within an organisation.

Business Development

Understand how your company's digital strategy is performing in terms of your business objectives and take action with this data.

Learn about the traffic patterns/trends on your website and what the organisation should focus on.

Find out which customer and customer segments are most valuable and cater your products and services to this audience.


Google Analytics answers the following questions:

Where are my visitors coming from and what do they do on my site?

How can my website convert more visitors into customers?

Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions?

Which Ad creative works best for me?

IT/Web Development

The data that Google Analytics can offer your team (e.g., 404 pages, resolutions, browsers, type of connection) can help them improve website performance.

Uncover which website design elements are turning visitors away, and find out what site content people are most interested in.

If you require any Google Analytics help, let us know.