Google Analytics Setup & Audit

We've drawn up a list of the most popular setup requests we get to give you some ideas on what you can track, so go ahead and select what your organisation requires. Need our advice? Get in touch and we'll see how we can help.


Typical Google Analytics Setup


Basic Tracking Codes

The Google Analytics basic tracking code will be customised based on your requirements. This enables over 80% of the reports available in GA to begin populating data.

Profiles & Filters

We'll set up the necessary profiles and filters for your web properties and make sure internal visits aren't tracked.

Track Multiple Domains

We can help track your visitors as they navigate between your web properties on different domains.

Track Form Flow

Get users to complete your lead generation form by understanding where they are dropping off.

Track Downloads

Find out what and how many people are downloading your files, be it white-papers, brochures or videos.

Google Integration

Google Analytics can be integrated with Google's suite of services like Google Website Optimizer, Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords to give you easy access to all your important data in 1 easy to access location. Best of all, they're all free.

Track Conversions

We'll talk through and decide on the goals to set up for your web properties. Then, we set it up in Google Analytics to measure and take action to improve these targets.

Outbound Links

Find out where visitors who leave your site go to.

Track Site Search

Get internal search data and make actionable insights based on what visitors are looking for on your site, and whether they are able to find that information.

Advanced Google Analytics Setup


Event Tracking

Interactive elements on your website (e.g. Flash and AJAX) are trickier to track, so let us help you measure these engagements.

Custom Variables

This implementation comes highly recommended if you would like to personalise tracking and learn more about different subsets of users. E.g., Which is your most popular promo code, How do a certain group of users use your site etc.

E-commerce Tracking

Understand, and then optimise the purchase journey visitors take purchases on your site.

Mobile Tracking

If you'd like to track usage and user engagement on your mobile app and/or website, we'd be glad to help.


Google Analytics Audit


Doubt Your Data?

If you find that your reports do not make sense at all, get in touch. We'll see if we can solve it.


Find out if you have the resources and expertise to do a complicated setup.

Best Practices?

Page-load time has been proven to affect conversion rates. Verify that your setup utilises best practice standards.

3rd-Party Accreditation

We can help if you need a 3rd Party to verify that your work on Google Analytics is spot on.

If you require any Google Analytics help, let us know.