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Say Hello to Google’s New Look

Shuxian Huang
By Shuxian Huang on June 22nd, 2010

Campaign Operations Executive, clickTRUE. Managing & optimising campaigns for clients. A keen eye for details and enjoys researching on keywords. Loves gadgets, fashion and music.

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Noticed a more vibrant looking, less shadowed Google Logo on your Google main search page? Some time back last week [editor: yup, I was the bottleneck in getting this article published. Sorry.] , Google released a new look for their search engine.  Let’s take a look at what are the more prominent changes that you can experience from this updated interface.

We see a slightly longer search bar with more squarish looking buttons which gives it a clean cut look and feel.

Google Search Main

The location based search results page radio button is also replaced with a link on the left panel as well.

The new search engine results page gives us the search tools option bar permanently on the left hand side, allowing you to easily navigate through the search content you might want to see; be it a mixture of everything or solely images, news, videos, etc. Previously on the old interface, we could have an option to either hide or show options, which might not be that noticeable for some people, missing out on some of the advanced filtering of search options that could be useful to users. Making it permanently show on the left hand panel will in turn pushes more users to be aware and explore the usage of it.

Google Search Bar

Another interesting feature you might not have noticed previously would be the Google Wonder Wheel. As the name suggests, similar search terms and categories revolving around your searched keywords are presented in a shape of a wheel, giving you some additional search terms or ideas that you can relate and research further on.

Google WonderWheel

Timeline view shows you the trends over the years and associates your query with significant facts or events.

Google Search Timeline

If you are on a lookout for shopping sites, try the shopping sites views to return results for commercial websites where you can make online purchases or locations for shopping.

Google Search Options Shopping Sites

Overall, the experience on the new interface is not significantly different as compared to the previous version, as the majority of the tools were available with an option. But of course, it is inevitable to compare it against the other 2 major competitor search engines Bing and Yahoo!  which both have integrated the left search columns as well. In my opinion, Google’s implementation of the sidebar will continue to have the upper hand with technology and resources to roll out more search tools – whether it be deemed useful or not by users.

On a side note, if you are missing the old interface like some of the users here and prefers it better, head over to Gtricks for some tips to have it reverted back.

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