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Real Time Search and SEO: Part 2 on SEO Tips

Gino Carpio
By Gino Carpio on November 25th, 2009

SEO Specialist, clickTRUE. Responsible for optimizing websites to achieve better search ranking results. Has more than 6 years of SEO experience. Keen to meet more fellow SEO, SEM Specialists to exchange ideas!

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twitter trend

Real time is really for “REAL”. Currently it is the hot topic in SEO blogs, forums, tweets and even at physical gatherings. You will probably be asking yourself on whether you are prepared to tap on Real Time Search for the Search Engine Optimisation of your website or URL.  Let me give you some tips on optimizing your search results:

Make your updates public
Join the social media world. Activate your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can make use of social media features in customizing the URL. Let the search engines visit your site through the multitude of social network sites out there.

Be careful with URLs
We all know that search engines do not prefer long URLs. Google loves URLs that are readable by humans and crawlers. Make use of URL shorteners. A URL shortener will always be useful to Twitter. I suggest to use a good URL shortener that can show up your domain, or host a URL shortener. The image below shows that Bing is showing searchers the domain name of the shortened URL (green font in parenthesis).

clicktrue search bing

Continue what a traditional SEO is doing – Keyword and Trend Research
Make use of the 140 character tweet and do an in-depth research on keywords and trends. There are a lot of Twitter tools that can monitor trends or trending topics. Keyword research will always be the heart and soul of our job as an SEO person. Pay attention to effective keywords that can bring you front page rank. Traditional SEO processes are still good and can still help you win the web.

The list may be short but I hope my 3 simple ways in preparing for “real time search” SEO can get you started.

One Response to “Real Time Search and SEO: Part 2 on SEO Tips”

  1. kkyee says:

    The tips are very useful for my website for Nike Dunk!! Thanks a lot! ClickTrue Rocks!

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