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3 Reasons Why Smart Business Owners Fail At Online Marketing

Wayne Liew

It is painful to see smart, and sometimes, even successful business owners fail miserably at online marketing. All of us want to get a piece of the multibillion-dollar online retail industry and business owners are trying every tactic possible. Getting…


A Football Fanatic’s Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing Like An Expert

Navigating the digital landscape as a business owner can be daunting. Search engines and social media platforms are constantly throwing up new guidelines and advertising targeting options. Throw in all the fuss about acronyms such as SEO, SEM, CPC, CTR,…

How To Write Great Ads Guide 1

How A Literature Major Failed At Writing 15-Word Ads

Rachel Tng

When I first started writing ads, I thought it would be easy. After all, I love writing. I write all the time – and that’s not an exaggeration. As an English Literature major in university, I wrote 2000-3000 word academic essays for my classes….


Behind The Scenes Of Your BLP Contract: From The View Of An Intern

Chyi Fang Loh

We all know that the Internet is growing at a speed that’s beyond comprehensible. We also all know that marketing in the offline world is far from sufficient today. We definitely all know that in order to even survive and…


7 Great Google AdWords Lessons You Should Learn from Your Dog

Wei Lik

Good Google AdWords tips can come from the most unexpected sources; even from our furry four legged friend. Have you ever observed your dog’s behavior? If your dog could talk, he/she would have you learn the following 7 great lessons…


Port Dickson Through A clickTRUE Newbie’s Eyes

Adel Woon

Mud, Blood, Laughter, and Mosquitos. That roughly sums up the three days that we spent at Port Dickson as a clickTRUE family! When the idea of a company retreat first emerged, everyone was intrigued by the idea. Many of us…


Singapore’s Own Googleplex: From The View Of An Intern

Chyi Fang Loh

“Online Marketing Internship Singapore” “Digital Marketing Intern Singapore” “Online Marketing Intern Singapore” “Digital Internship Singapore” This was what filled my Google search bar for 10373729 days. (Well not exactly, but you get what I mean.) My summer holiday was coming…

Beauty Biz

Staying On Top Of The Beauty Business: Best Practices For Your Online Campaign


Looking great seems to be a necessity these days; especially when we live in a world of selfies, where every moment is captured and stored. It was reported that more than 95% of Singaporeans spend more than $25 on beauty…

7 Google Tactics

7 Google Tactics Top SEM Agencies Are Implementing

Nicole Chang

Do you feel that your site’s conversion rate is low? Even after driving huge traffic to your website, the number of people who actually make a purchase is few and far between. The problem boils down to this: You’re not…


These Settings In An AdWords Search Campaign Are So Hidden Even Your Marketers May Not Know About Them

Wayne Liew

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to 4 business owners. They were intrigued when I told them I help businesses generate leads using Google AdWords. They couldn’t wait to show me their AdWords account. Their campaigns are yielding…

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