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Internship at clickTRUE


Hi there! If you have been up to date with our blog posts, you would have recognised me by the name as clickTRUE’s current intern! Having been in clickTRUE for about 10 weeks, with this day being my last few…

Before you spend your next dollar in SEM, read this!


Before you spend your next dollar in SEM, read this. Online marketing takes on many forms. You may be thinking whether to invest a majority of your media budget on SEM, SEO, or to revamp your company’s website! But before…

Stop Doing What Doesn't work on a cork notice board

Why can’t online marketing agencies guarantee leads?


Introduction: Hi beautiful online world, I am Chelsea, and I am an intern here at clickTRUE! So, the reason why I’m here writing this blogpost, is because I got arrowed to do so, when my boss saw how free I…


How online marketing can help SMEs curb slump in growth

Ting Ting Chong

Are you experiencing zero growth, or even negative growth for your business? I’m sure you’ve heard of the SME Development Survey released last November; that a staggering 53% of SMEs are in the same plight. If you haven’t caught this…


4 Skills Of Seduction In Web Page Copywriting

Jeelene Ker

I get it, as business owners, you’d probably think that having all the information of your products and or services mashed into one solid web page is ideal. After all, you probably paid a few grand to set it up,…


Is Your Digital Strategy A Risky Stock Speculation?

If you’ve ever invested in a hot stock in the hope of reaping big bucks, you’ll probably know how much it hurts to be burnt by falling stock prices soon after. Well, here’s a shocking fact: Buying online marketing ads blindly…


Why Building a Web Presence is A Pain For SMEs [Solution Included]

Ting Ting Chong

Think Creating a Web Presence is Easy? Most articles propagate that “building a website is easy as 1, 2, 3”. But is it, really? After my first real job, I decided to jump-start my own business in beauty. More than…


Why 90% of Our Clients Don’t Invest in SEO & Why You Should Not Too

Wayne Liew

SEO – the common acronym you must have heard of when you first dipped your toes into online marketing. Yet, many business owners don’t see the results they want. They can spend thousands of dollars attending SEO workshops. They can…


10 Things You Need to Know About Government Grants for Digital Marketing

Ting Ting Chong

Our SME clients often relay to us how hiring digital marketing services can put a strain on their budget. For this reason, we have identified 2 government grants (PIC Scheme and MRA Grant) that would relief digital marketing costs for…


4 Copywriting Tricks In Landing Page Psychology

Rachel Tng

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you probably wish there was a magic formula to capture all the leads that visit your landing page. I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news: There’s no such…

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