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The Curious Incident Of The Intern In clickTRUE

Cassandra Aw

Fortunately for this particular intern, her experience hasn’t been quite so nightmarish… Wait, why am I talking about myself in third person today? Let’s rewind and start again from the top, shall we? 😀

Company Yacht Trip

Jereme Wong

Every Chinese New Year, we usually have a company "lohei" session to kickstart the year. This year, to signify a new beginning, we decided to do it off land. We rented a yacht for few hours and did our lohei and…

What clickTRUE Is REALLY Like – From An Intern’s Perspective

Shi Ming

What is working in clickTRUE really like? Get an insider’s view on life in clickTRUE and what it truly stands for from an intern’s point of view.

Memoirs Of A clickTRUE Intern…

Stephanie Phua

My name is Stephanie Phua. I came in as a newbie in internet marketing, intrigued and eager to learn more about the geeky world of SEM, SEO, SMM and all other acronyms associated to internet marketing that exist out there. After spending 6 weeks at clickTRUE as an intern, I truly got more that what I expected…

Increasing Efficiency With Stand Up Meetings

Jereme Wong

Recently, our CEO wanted to improve our meeting efficiency and decided to remove the seats. Did it really help? Or simply produce sore legs? Find out more in this post. (You never know, your company might do it too!)

Walking Down Memory Lane

Daren Tay

Is it true that all good things must come to an end? Having been part of this great family, I decided to pen down some of those memories in the form of a parting email to all the friends I have made along the way. The culture of this company is better told in pictures. Enjoy and keep in touch!

Promoting Entrepreneurship

Jereme Wong

On Tuesday 17th Nov 2009 evening, The University of Adelaide Singapore hosted their first ever Entrepreneur Challenge Award Presentation Ceremony at the Asian Civilisations Museum. The event marked the end of a 3 months long search for the best business plan that stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship, together with a genuine chance of making it work in the real world. clickTRUE CEO, Jackie Lee was invited as one of the panel of judges for the final round of the competition.

My Experience With clickTRUE’s (Amazing) Culture!

Faye Foo

I still remember being thrilled and extremely excited on my first day of work at clickTRUE! I spent most of the night before fussing about what to wear, what to bring, how my colleagues/bosses would be like… As I reflect back on my short stint working as an intern, I realized a part of my life has been greatly enriched by the culture and philosophy of the company.

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