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Debunking the Myth about Digital Marketing Optimisation

Jasmine Toh

(This is a continuation from our previous blogs. To keep you up to speed, the skinny stickman is Mark, a gym owner who is looking to start on online marketing. So far, he has created a marketing plan, a landing…

2 Tested and Proven Online Advertising Channels for SMEs

Jasmine Toh

Mark, the skinniest gym owner you’ll ever meet, is back! (Opps… Sorry Mark, you weren’t supposed to hear that.) If this is your first time meeting him, you can get to know his story here. Mr Skinny Mark is feeling…

5 Tips to Capture More Leads With Your Landing Page

Jasmine Toh

Remember Mark? That’s right, the guy with the gym! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out our previous blog about marketing plans.) Now that he has a marketing plan for his gym, he is ready to…

One-Page Marketing Plan for SMEs: stop wasting time and start making money

Jasmine Toh

This is Mark. Mark runs a gym. To promote his gym, he manually gives out flyers to people working nearby. There was hardly any response. In fact, most of his flyers ended up in the rubbish bin! Mark is stumped….

TV Advertising vs Digital Marketing: Which is Better for You?

Jasmine Toh

“Should I switch my TV advertising budget to Digital?” Does this sound familiar to you? You have managed to grow your business by using television ads to create awareness for your brand. It has worked well in the past, but…

8-Step Guide to Writing Emails (That Convert)

Jasmine Toh

How many unread messages do you have in your inbox? That look familiar? Okay, maybe I exaggerated (but even if you do have 95,490 open emails, I’m not judging.) Most of us have our inboxes spammed with emails from work,…

The Budget 2017 Cheatsheet for SMEs

Jasmine Toh

One of the main themes in Budget 2017 is “preparing for the future economy”. Finance Minister, Heng Swee Kiat mentioned in his speech that businesses need to use digital technology, embrace innovation and scale up. I have handpicked some of…

How To Use Kiasu-ness To Your Business’s Advantage: Do’s and Don’ts of Social Proof

Jasmine Toh

Previously, I wrote about killer client testimonials and why you need them. If you haven’t read it yet, you should click on that link. Truth to be told, there are many other ways to use social proof. (Or what I…

The Digital Formula for Increased Productivity

Jasmine Toh

“Productivity, productivity, productivity…” This is the mantra that we hear almost every day. The government is talking about it, the news is talking about it, your peers are talking about it… Duh, we all know it is important. Let me…

How to Get Killer Client Testimonials (and why you need them…)

Jasmine Toh

When a first-time visitor enters your website, they don’t care about how good you say you are. What they trust is the opinion of your customers (current and past) – the people who aren’t obliged to say good things about…

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