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Marketing 101- Viral Marketing Lite

Faye Foo

“You tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and they tell two other friends- word of mouth communication.”

Tips For Thoughts : Microsoft AdExcellence Versus GAIQ

Shuxian Huang

Passing exams are never easy. At least for me. The stress factor for me surfaced upon hearing that I will have to take Microsoft AdExcellence Exam as well as Google Analytics Qualification (GAIQ). Nevertheless, its always a good gauge on your knowledge and expertise and I will share some tips with “noobies” like me that wish to attempt both exams.

A Campaign Manager’s Diary : When A Client Says “We’re Through!”

Tami Duad

In reality SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a “DIY” platform. Everyone could give it a try. But of course, the construction of it and manipulation to top it up is a totally different back-end story.

Her World’s Project Makeover 2009

Faye Foo

If you love dolling up, the glitz, the glamour and the works.. then Her World’s Project Makeover 2009 is reaching out to you! Together with Clinique, they are now inviting you to join them in a quest to transform yourself…

Intelligent Advertising For Small Businesses

Faye Foo

Assuming that not much funds are allocated for your advertising and marketing purposes, I believe one should make full use of whatever limited resources presented at hand. If you find yourself in a similar predicament that I just mentioned above,…

Microsoft Determined To Take Google On

Jereme Wong

With the revamp of its Live Search service, it seems that Microsoft is not giving up its stake in the web search market. In fact, it is set to launch an $80 million to $100 million ad campaign for Bing…

Making Sense Of Results From Online Campaigns

Gino Carpio

When I talk to marketers these days, one of the most frequently cited needs I hear about is the ability to measure (and make sense of) results from online campaigns. – by Steve Latham

Reality Bites At Yahoo

Gino Carpio

Here’s a short news summary to get everyone up to speed on the recent news of takeovers and partnerships occuring between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. How will this impact the Search Marketing industry as a whole? Only time will tell.

You Lose 50% Of Your Marketing Budget, What Happens Next?

Gino Carpio

A roundtable, sponsored by clickTRUE and, was held with the focus of discussion on the many faces of digital marketing.

Google Launches Hot Trends Singapore, 3rd In The World To Be Launched

Gino Carpio

Google recently launched its Hot Trends™ Search Tool for Singapore, allowing web users to know the most popular searches made by Singaporeans everyday. To try out Google Hot Trends Singapore, a new feature of Google Trends, go to

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