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The Digital Formula for Increased Productivity

Jasmine Toh

“Productivity, productivity, productivity…” This is the mantra that we hear almost every day. The government is talking about it, the news is talking about it, your peers are talking about it… Duh, we all know it is important. Let me…

How to Get Killer Client Testimonials (and why you need them…)

Jasmine Toh

When a first-time visitor enters your website, they don’t care about how good you say you are. What they trust is the opinion of your customers (current and past) – the people who aren’t obliged to say good things about…

Hiring for SMEs in the Digital Economy

Jasmine Toh

If you are still using newspaper classified ads for recruitment, read this blog. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, read this blog. What is the Digital Economy? A quick Google search shows the definition, “an economy that is based…

Why Building a Web Presence Isn’t As Easy As You Think

In part 1 of Why Building a Web Presence is a Pain for SMEs, we covered issues on building a website and concluded that building a web presence requires more than just a website. In this article, we’ll cover issues…

3 Reasons Why Smart Business Owners Fail At Online Marketing

Wayne Liew

It is painful to see smart, and sometimes, even successful business owners fail miserably at online marketing. All of us want to get a piece of the multibillion-dollar online retail industry and business owners are trying every tactic possible. Getting…

Is Your Digital Strategy A Risky Stock Speculation?

If you’ve ever invested in a hot stock in the hope of reaping big bucks, you’ll probably know how much it hurts to be burnt by falling stock prices soon after. Well, here’s a shocking fact: Buying online marketing ads blindly…

How To Get Your Past Customers Back with Online Marketing?

Wayne Liew

No business owners feel good about losing customers. Do you want to your customers back? Facing your old customers and asking them to do business with you again requires a lot of courage. In the online world, however, this barrier…

Internship at clickTRUE


Hi there! If you have been up to date with our blog posts, you would have recognised me by the name as clickTRUE’s current intern! Having been in clickTRUE for about 10 weeks, with this day being my last few…

Uncover Your Competitor’s Online Marketing Strategy For Their Website In Singapore

Adrian Tan

The question that never dies… Is my website better than my competitors’? And the follow up…How do I come up with an online marketing strategy that will crush them like cockroaches? Most literature you read will tell you to focus…

Why can’t online marketing agencies guarantee leads?


Introduction: Hi beautiful online world, I am Chelsea, and I am an intern here at clickTRUE! So, the reason why I’m here writing this blogpost, is because I got arrowed to do so, when my boss saw how free I…

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