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Introducing Google’s New TrueView Video Ads And How Your Business Can Leverage It

Google has a new TrueView advertising model on YouTube and we honestly think it could help your business to drive more effective branding and traffic via this channel. Read on to see the 4 different video inventories!

Search Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Cassandra Aw

In anticipation of our soon-to-be-launched email marketing service, today’s post is dedicated to Email Marketing, and how it differs from Search Marketing.

Briefly, Search Marketing ensures that your website appears on search engine results every time customers search for a product or service you offer on, for example, Google or Yahoo!, while Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a medium of communication.

Google +1 And What It Means For Business Owners

Cassandra Aw

There is just no end to the number of social marketing tools appearing on the market. Following Facebook’s launching of its fan page concept and Twitter’s popularity overdrive,  yet another potential social marketing platform has descended which you may well…

Conversion-Driven Site Revamp

Jereme Wong

After 18 months, we decided to review our analytics data and revamp our site to better serve our readers. Result? A Conversion-driven website that looks great on both the desktop and smartphone browsers!

Strategic Online Marketing Seminar (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Esther Yeap

clickTRUE, together with Google Singapore, will be holding the “Strategic Online Marketing Seminar” on the 17th and 30th June 2010. Learn how to make use of Adwords, Analytics, and Social Media to effectively grow your business online. (Hurry! 80% of the seats are already taken up. Get your seat now!)

Agency Of The Year Awards 2010

Jereme Wong

The Agency Of The Year Awards 2010 organised by Marketing Magazine was recently held at a gala event in Shangri-La Hotel. We participated and walked away as finalists in the Search Marketing Agency category.

Making Online Advertising Useful With Google Ad Innovations

Shuxian Huang

Google has recently launched their latest experimental playground for online marketers to get updated on their release of new ad initiatives for search advertising. These includes new ad extensions and ad models which can possibly help you reach out to more targeted audiences that potentially give better success to meet advertising goals.

Will Future Changes In The Online Video Landscape Kill Adobe Flash?

Bertrand Tay

For a while now, online video has been relatively simple. You used Adobe Flash with its 95% plus market share. Then things changed. The next Web standard, HTML 5 came along, but it didn’t spell out that Flash or anything else would be the video codec standard. We discuss the impact of the possible demise of Flash.

Man Lands Job With $6 Google Campaign – Lessons For Your Own Advertising Campaigns

Shi Ming

Clever marketing and a bit of creativity can help create an extremely effective advertising campaign. See how one unemployed man used his creativity to secure a job with just $6 and several really well chosen keywords.

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