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Optimize For Conversions Or Quality Score?

Should you optimise your Landing Page for a better quality score or for conversions? Check out the reply in this video by Google Adwords expert and apply it to your campaign immediately!

Catching Up With Google, Facebook And Yahoo

Jereme Wong

As partners with Google, Facebook and Yahoo, we got a first-hand view of these new frontiers of the digital world. Find out the new targeting features rolled out by these platforms.

SEM vs SEO – Which One First?

We are often asked this question by our client: Is SEM or SEO more effective for driving traffic to a new website? Does having a limited budget mean you should not do SEM? Learn what tips we share with our clients in this post.

An Easy To Follow, Step By Step Guide For Google AdWords

Ming Yeung

An extremely easy to follow step by step guide for using Google AdWords. Guaranteed to help you maximise your search engine marketing ROI on the platform.

How To Launch A Kick Ass SEM Campaign (3 of 3) – Adwords Testing And Optimisation

Ming Yeung

Do you want to increase the clickthrough rate of your ad from 0.8% to 2.7% like how Howie Jacobsen did? Split testing, the final step of your Search Engine Marketing Campaign, is what separates you from your competition, and the big boys from the wannabes.

How To Launch A Kick Ass SEM Campaign (2 of 3) – Outrank Your Competitors’ Adwords Quality Score

Ming Yeung

How effective your SEM campaign will be depends heavily on the relevance between your keywords, ad groups and landing page which determines your quality score. Learn how to set up your SEM campaign and get a high quality score so as to rank above your competitors!

How To Launch A Kick Ass SEM Campaign (1 of 3) – Research

Ming Yeung

If you are a B2B company providing computer maintenance, would you bid for ”computer repair”
as part of your SEM strategy? This article explains how keyword and customer research is critical as a foundation to getting better quality traffic. Dive in!

How To Expand Your Paid Search Campaign’s Keyword List

Ming Yeung

Do you know that you have a wealth of information – product intent and consumer intent – at your fingertips? Learn how to use it to expand your keyword list for your PPC campaigns!

Introducing Google’s New TrueView Video Ads And How Your Business Can Leverage It

Google has a new TrueView advertising model on YouTube and we honestly think it could help your business to drive more effective branding and traffic via this channel. Read on to see the 4 different video inventories!

How To Get More Visitors To Your New Website

Ming Yeung

Now that you have a new website, the next step is to get visitors to it! Learn how to get not only more, but quality traffic to your new website in this article!

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