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How To Set Up Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Faye Foo

Search Engine Marketing (or Pay-per-click Marketing known to some), is rapidly breaking through as a competent and efficacious online customer acquisition channel. A significant number of companies (from the SMEs to MNCs) are now taking to this source of marketing very seriously simply because, a well-executed campaign will bring about massive returns on investment. We will give you some tips on how to setup your first campaign.

4 Types Of Keywords For Your Search Campaign

Jeff Shi

The following are some of types of keywords you should pay attention to when you start thinking of keywords for your Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Query Suggest – A Concern For Search Engine Marketers?

Tami Duad

We very much depend on the query suggest technology these days. It starts of by typing in just the first few letters of your search term and VOILA! It automatically completes your search term for you and lists out a slew of related keywords to aid your research. Will this aid become a concern for Search Engine Marketers?

Yahoo! Content Match, Eyebrows, And… PRON?

Jeff Shi

Some of us may have experience running campaigns on Yahoo’s search engine but have you heard of Content Matching, Eyebrows, and… PRON? 😉 Let me explain what they are…

Making The Switch

Faye Foo

Having been exposed mainly to social media trends and statistical information, the latest yays and nays of the whole social media platform and the likes, and now seeing how its mandatory to learn and understand new terms like placements, CPC, CPM, bids, keywords, adwords, how this whole SEM system work– is basically a whole new ball game for me altogether. (after my first adwords lesson online, my eyes zeroed in on the text/image advertisements on the top, right and bottom advertisements; thinking about how much effort is put into the ad appearing!)

View-Through Conversion Reports On The Google Content Network

Tami Duad

The “View-Through conversion reports” feature from Google AdWords measures the number of online conversions that happened within 30 days after a user sees your display ad but does not click on any of the ads in the Google Content Network site.

AdWords Keyword Tool Revamp (In Beta)

Shuxian Huang

It seems that Google is proactively pushing out improvements for AdWords users out there after the release of the New AdWords interface a few months back. With the release of the opportunities tab (check out Jeff’s take on the new feature!), it is now time for the keyword tool to have its own updated version in beta as well.

Difference Between Google And Yahoo Users?

Tami Duad

It seems like Google users are much more straight forward with higher click conversions. On the other hand, although Yahoo users do drive more traffic due to their much cheaper CPC (cost-per-click)

The difference between Google & Yahoo users? Read More Here!

Setting Up Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Structure

Tami Duad

Thinking about creating your first Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign? Well here’s a brief definition of a Search Engine Marketing campaign structure for all of you newbies out there!

Your 5 Take-aways In Google AdWords Quality Score

Jeff Shi

Google recently added a Quality Score Guide to their Adwords, which is a beginners guide to inform advertisers about what is quality score. Here are my 5 take-aways with regards to quality score.

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