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clickTRUE’s SEO Tips For 2010 – A Midyear Review

Gino Carpio

As we have actively delivered quite a number of tips and tricks to help you improve your SEO standings, here is a compilation of our SEO Tips from the past six months of 2010.

Putting FIFA World Cup 2010 And SEO Together

Minie Ng

The Google Keyword Tool estimates an average of 3 million searches conducted globally for the term “World Cup 2010”. One would expect the South African website to be ranked on the first page results on but it is not.

Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Minie Ng

Google introduced Page Speed as one of its many ranking factors. Today, we are going discuss some really simple ways to reduce the loading time of your site.

Google May Day Update: The Death Of Long Tail Search?

Gino Carpio

Started as a hot topic in Webmasterworld last May 2010, Google has now confirmed the changes in their search algorithm. clickTRUE shares what this means.

How To Check Your Ranking On Google Accurately?

Gino Carpio

For marketers and SEO practitioners who check their rankings everyday and sometimes click on their listing, the accuracy of their rankings could be compromised with personalised search. It will be quite important to get the “standard” SERP to understand how their website is performing when a normal user searches on Google.

Will Article Spinning Help Your SEO Efforts Or Kill Your Site?

Shi Ming

Article Spinning – What exactly is it? Will it really help to increase your rankings? Find out why article spinning has been labeled as ‘black-hat’ and what SEO alternatives you can use to reap long-term benefits for your site.

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO Practitioners

Gino Carpio

Since my career in SEO started, Firefox has been my weapon. The add-ons makes my job easier when checking data and analysing my SEO performance. Firefox has got cool plugins or extensions, but lately, it’s been slow for browsing and interrupts my work flow, so I’ve switched to Chrome, which is just as good!

5 Easy Tips To SEO Your Singapore Business

Gino Carpio

Does your business only cater local customers or Singaporeans? If yes, it’s really important to make your website SEO’d on a local search. Optimising your website for a “local search” is a good way because there is less competition and you can tweak some strategies easily.

Online Advertising Tips: SEO On Facebook Fan Pages

Gino Carpio

Here are 9 tips to introduce some Search Engine Optimisation into your Facebook Fan Page.

Is Your Page Loading Speed Affecting Your Ranking?

Minie Ng

We hear that Google may introduce a new ranking factor into its heavily guarded algorithm. This new ranking factor considers how fast a site or a page loads. We explore more on this issue here.

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