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Mainstream Media Validating Social Media, Or Is It Not?

Faye Foo

“Big stories start online, but they truly explode after the mainstream media covers them…..”

Confessions Of A Tweeterholic

Faye Foo

Workaholic —- check Shopaholic —- check Tweeterholic –yes, you heard me right! Twitter has arrived, be armed and be very prepared! Truth be told, it’s been barely 2 months that I’ve been introduced to this whole fad, and now, im…

Me And The Evolution Of Social Networking Sites

Faye Foo

I remember the days where I would religiously log into my Friendster account the minute Im online. Its like part of my Internet regime; friendster-email-msn-friendster. Yes, you get my point. It was just interesting and entertaining for me to see…

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