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Is Your Digital Strategy A Risky Stock Speculation?

If you’ve ever invested in a hot stock in the hope of reaping big bucks, you’ll probably know how much it hurts to be burnt by falling stock prices soon after. Well, here’s a shocking fact: Buying online marketing ads blindly…

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Web Analytics Up & Running

Nicole Chang

Have you thought about setting up web analytics? A web analytics solution is essential to all businesses, whether it’s a SME or MNC. By implementing a web analytics solution on your website, you can monitor and analyse where your traffic…

Google Analytics Real-Time

Adrian Tan

*If you're looking for Google Analytics services in Singapore or Southeast Asia, please visit our Google Analytics Website.   The developments in Google Analytics keep flying in. Ever wished that you can sit yourself behind your terminal screen, log into…

Launch Of Google Analytics Premium

Adrian Tan

*If you’re looking for Google Analytics services in Singapore or Southeast Asia, please visit our Google Analytics Website.*   As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are pleased to be one of the first to help Google announce the launch…

New Google Analytics Version 5 Introduction – Default Visitors Overview Page

Adrian Tan

We have had special previews of the Google Analytics V5 for a considerable period prior to the actual release – due to our Google Analytics Certified Partner Status. Let us walk you through a more in-depth view of specific sections of the Google Analytics V5 platform – starting with the Default Visitors Overview Page.

Google Analytics Master Class 2010: Taming The ‘HiPPO’

Esther Yeap

How do you use Google Analytics to drive value to your business and satisfy the demands of the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPO)? Find out as our Director of Online Marketing Services shares his experience.

Clueless About Web Analytics?

Esther Yeap

Metrics give insight into your business and enables you to make better decisions but many find it astronomically daunting to make sense of the infinite reams of web analytics data. Here are some basics that is useful for anyone who’s diving into a pool of analytics data but haven’t a clue how to swim.

Google Analytics – Remove The Guesswork From Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Esther Yeap

What is Google Analytics? Find out how this simple yet powerful tool can help you to optimize your online marketing campaigns, drive value to your business, and at the same time improve your customers’ experience.

When A Website Becomes Too Popular

Ho Kee Soon

Read an article on “Top 10 Internet Startup Scalability Killers” which highlights the serious faults on why many websites start to choke when the traffic goes up.

My First iPhone Apps Submission Experience

Julius Hermosura

Months ago, I have been tasked to develop an iPhone App version for one of our website which is This iPhone project is entirely new to me, so i did the necessary research on how to get it done.

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