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Crucial Setups For Google Analytics

Jeff Shi

clickTRUE recommends a few important steps to be taken prior to dissecting and referencing the data from your Google Analytics implementation.

New Google Analytics Tracking Code Setup Wizard

Shuxian Huang

Let clickTRUE introduce the Tracking Code Setup Wizard on Google Analytics. This Wizard will be available when you create a profile for the campaign that you wish to track and will simplify the installation process (slightly).

Handling Projects

Ho Kee Soon

Came across an article on Refactoring vs Rewriting codes, and the first paragraph really echoes what I’ve been experiencing in some of my past projects.

Basic Terms You Should Know For Google Analytics

Shuxian Huang

If you are a webmaster or campaign manager who is new to Google Analytics, this post will provide you with a short overview on some of the essential terms or jargons that you should understand.

Annotations In Google Analytics

Jeff Shi

Google has just implemented Annotations, which allows you to place notes on the dips and spike in your Google Analytics charts. clickTRUE Singapore explores the leveraging of this tool for our clients.

How To Start Tracking Your Website

Jereme Wong

This post is written for all the newbies out there who either own a website or manage one. If you are looking at help to track your current website activity, you are definitely on the right mindset to get more out of your website. Read more to see how you could start tracking your website today!

Predicting The Present: Using Google Trends To Measure Economic Activity – GAAC Summit Day 3

Adrian Tan

Google’s Chief Economist, Hal Varian, shares with us on how Google Trends could be used to measure and even forecast (or more accurately, “present”-cast) economic trends at GAAC Summit 2009.

Avinash Kaushik Gives The Future Of Analytics – GAAC Summit Day 2

Adrian Tan

The second day of the Google Analytics Authorised Consultant (GAAC) Summit was kicked off with a bang by THE Avinash Kaushik of Occam’s Razor fame. Avinash is highly respected in the online world, sort of like the de facto Guru for all things web analytics related. He was here to share his views on the future of analytics.

How Web Analytics Data Was Used To Win The US Presidential Election – GAAC Summit Day 1

Adrian Tan

As the first Google Analytics Authorised Consultant (GAAC) in South East Asia, we were extended an invitation to the annual GAAC Summit held at Google’s birthplace in Mountain View, USA. For Day 1, the keynote was by Dan Siroker, Fomer Director of Analytics in the Obama Presidential Campaign team.

Five Google Analytics Metrics That You’re Probably Not Using

Gino Carpio

When talking about Google Analytics or Web Analytics in general, some metrics and reports get seemingly all the attention (and rightfully so). Metrics like Bounce Rate, while loved by Web Analysts on all corners of the globe, are just too popular. In fact, Bounce Rate is now trendy! Do you think it’s become a buzzword as well?

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