clickTRUE Corporate Site Revamp


Faithful followers of the clickTRUE website will recall this blog post from a few months back announcing our site revamp. Instead of designing for aesthetics as we did before, this time we designed the site to drive up conversion rates and enhance usability, and as a result our website has seen significant improvements in 4 key areas.

1) Clear Positioning of Services

It was essential that we establish clickTRUE as a provider of a particular benefit, as we offer numerous varying services that, on their own, do not mean anything to a web visitor. After much deliberation we whittled our offering down into a short snappy phrase: “Get Your Customers Online!” This also allowed us to sell a benefit, rather than just features, so as to offer our visitors a more compelling reason to convert.

In our old website there was no specific, focused positioning, only a listing of services.

Post-revamp, our position is stated clearly, as highlighted in the box . This message is repeatedly communicated throughout the site. For example, as seen in the picture, the conversion button says “Get my customers now!”, and in the copy, it asks clients if their present websites can “convert visitors into customers”. Such consistency reinforces our positioning in the visitors’ mind. Furthermore, it enhances our credibility when readers are confronted with a strong, focused positioning and not one that is all over the place.

2) Keeping Things Simple and Relevant

In our previous website there was extensive use of technical terms. For example, even in a simple explanation of SEO, words such as “organic search results” were used – words which were relevant to us and others in the industry but which probably made little sense to the average site visitor. We realized that this was a pitfall for us – we were running the risk of losing customers who came to our website looking for a solution to their problem but were instead were left even more confused by the bombastic terms used.

When revamping the site, we used layman’s terms to make our copy more relatable to visitors. By asking them if it “frustrates” them to see “competititors appear at the top of search engine results” we are putting ourselves into their shoes and presenting a very realistic problem that plagues them. We then posit our services as a solution to this problem to compel them to take up our offer. Through this process we are able to bridge the knowledge gap and help learn more about their online marketing needs.

3) Conversion-Driven Web Layout

These are just some of the many ways our new website layout has been streamlined to enhance conversion rates:

Through the use of numbered points, we are able to guide the visitor’s eyes in a top-down direction as they read the points from Steps 1 to 5. This then directs their gaze down to the big red conversion button.

In addition to the big red primary call-to-action button at the top of the page, secondary call-to-action buttons have been placed lower down the page so that there is always a call-to-action for the user regardless of which part of the page he/she has scrolled down to.

To further help visitors figure out what they need and allow them to get relevant information efficiently, sidebars were embedded into our individual webpages.

These sidebars are incorporated into individual webpages where visitors will come across them as they gain more knowledge through the process of reading and learning. As this occurs, the sidebars can then help them along through the process of realizing what they need for their online marketing strategy and what sort of help clickTRUE can provide for these purposes. From then on, it is as simple as just clicking on the relevant bullet point to reach us!

4) Condensing of Important Information Above the Fold

Analysis of our Google Analytics results had revealed that over 99% of our clicks hovered above the fold. The content at the bottom of the page was not nearly interesting enough to draw clicks.

With that in mind, we designed our new layout such that all important information was featured in some way in this part of the website. Relevant links promising our visitors a benefit, such as “Get Your Customers Online” and “Increase Website Visibility” were added into this area, where all visitors could see them the moment they enter the site. Should their interest be piqued then, they can scroll downwards to peruse the rest of our web content

We also took care not to promise things without backing them up with evidence. For example, we stated that we have “digital experience that goes into helping you achieve success”, which we provide ready testimonials for in the lower parts of our website as the user scrolls down.

Love our new look post-revamp? Hate it? Tell us your thoughts by leaving us a comment below!