Nikon Asia


The Challenge

Nikon had created Discover Nikon, an online gallery consisting of 48 Nikon Professional Photographers’ moments in life, love nature, tragedy and time in 2006, but as social media exploded into the scene, Nikon was keen to get “Discover Nikon” on the social media space, reach its younger audiences and create a vibrant fanbase for Nikon in the Asian region. By being on social media, Nikon would also be able to engage fans actively and marketing the latest Nikon products more directly.

Campaign Strategy

Nikon Asia wanted the space to allow for interaction between fans and photographers on a more personal and regular basis. A customised social media marketing strategy befitting the campaign objectives was then drawn out and implemented. The new Discover Nikon Facebook fanpage reached out to all Nikon users and potential fans from Asia such as Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Through the use of these platforms, fans could interact with Nikon Asia, get access to contents such as regular news, sales information and promotion updates.

A constant slew of photo contests and prize giveaways were also incorporated into the campaign strategy to keep fans excited and engaged.

The Impact

The accumulation of fans was phenomenal. In 4 days, Nikon’s Facebook Page had over 2000 fans.

In just 3 months months, the page saw over 10,000 fans following the brand.

The Element of Competition

A major element that helped accelerated its growth were the contests that kept fans returning and enticed new fans to join. Responses flooded in rapidly whenever Nikon had a new contest up on its page.

Positive Brand Management and Reputation through Social Media

Nikon was a popular brand with professional photographers, but the general population were not entirely familiar with the brand. As a result, Nikon’s brand was known, but many sat on the fence about Nikon and its range of products.

What social media did besides providing a platform that allowed for more communication between Nikon and its consumers, was to make the brand more personable. After 1 month, Nikon began seeing a positive trend in its branding in the minds of consumers. 2 months later, the brand was increasingly rated “Very Positive” – proving the effectiveness of the social media campaign to brand awareness.

Conclusively, Nikon’s market share has grown tremendously compared to its competitors as a result of its social media strategy, which has been effective on a myriad of fronts from easy interaction to brand awareness, and for many, even product knowledge!