The Challenge

SimplyHer was running a subscription drive campaign for 2 months, offering subscribers a 12 or 24 months online sign-up option. There were several traffic channels (Search Engine Marketing, Emails, Referral Sites) providing a constant stream of visitors to the landing page. However, the number of sign-ups was lackluster, so SimplyHer engaged the help of clickTRUE to improve conversions for the landing page.


Upon further analysis, we found the following problems:

  1. The landing page did not offer a further glimpse into the content offered in the magazines
  2. Both the 12/24 options were placed side-by-side, so there is no emphasis for a preferred option.
  3. The call to action button is placed at the bottom, and the colour of the button is not eye-catching.

Campaign Strategy

clickTRUE then proposed to make changes to improve the conversion rates of the landing page.

  1. Offer headlines from the latest headlines from the magazine, and when moused over, a preview of the article.


  1. Prioritise the 24 issues option over the 12 issues option and price savings are given emphasis
  2. The call to action button was positioned above the fold,  next to options.


The Impact

And guess what? The new introductions brought about a whopping 270% increase in sign-ups!