Soma School Singapore



Soma School Singapore is a mathematics school for primary school students to develop their creative and logical thinking skills, using a proprietary programme, games, and activity books series.


The main problem Soma School Singapore faced was that only 3.7% of visitors browsing the site landed on Soma School’s target page, and there were hardly any conversions.

This was an issue as not many in Singapore have heard about Soma math, which is the leading math program in Korea. The program is known for opening a new dimension in pre-elementary and elementary math education.

With visitors’ lack of understanding and the site failing to pique visitors’ interest in the program, Soma School Singapore looked to us to see if we could help turn the situation around.


  • Increase visitors to Soma website
  • Generate sales leads for Soma School Singapore


1. Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to drive CONSISTENT traffic to the site

The client was previously engaged in offline marketing, which resulted in some visits to the website. The traffic was not consistent and most of the visitors were not converting as a lead.

2. Offering Landing Page Optimisation (LPO) to FOCUS visitors on conversions

After looking at the website, we realized that it is not designed to get visitors to convert towards a single goal — sending email enquiries (their desired action) to the Soma School.

This is a common problem with most clients who design their websites focusing on the aesthetics, but not on a desired action. There were many options, and no focus. Visitors are easily lost in the content of the website.

As such, we decided to create a new landing page with a form embedded for visitors to see once they reach the site.

The intention was to

  • Direct all visits to a single page with no distracton
  • Focus on getting the visitor to understand the benefit of SOMA and be convinced to leave behind his contacts
  • Using a time-limited offer of a FREE “preview workshop” to increase urgency of promotion


1. Improved conversion rates


2. Increased Traffic


Client enjoyed a uplift of 300% in conversion rate! The absolute leads they gathered from our SEM + LPO engagement in just one month went up 10 times!

If you would like to improve certain aspects of your site but do not know how or where to start, feel free to contact our friendly consultants to see how we can work together and help you achieve your goals!