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The Challenge

The client had decided to embark on a branding approach via Search Engine Marketing. Their prerogative was to maintain top positions on the Search Engines for identified keywords to secure an advantage over their competitors. The issue was that Google and Yahoo do not have targeting features for top placements – vendors will have to manually montior and adjust bidding to achieve the required positions.

Spectrum Conferencing uses clickTRUE SEM

Campaign Strategy & Impact

Through our enhanced SEM  platform, we were able to fulfill the client’s requirements in having intelligent bidding to obtain top positions for the identified keywords. Under the intelligent bidding system, if positions were worse than required, the bids would automatically increased; if positions were better than targeted, the bids would automatically be decreased. This ensured cost effectivenesss while running the campaign – FTW!

top SEM positions for spectrum with clickTRUE

Getting Started Is Easy

We understand you’re busy with your business, so we’ve made the SEM set-up process a breeze for you. Simply call us to talk to our consultants, share your marketing objectives with us and we’ll set you off in the right direction!

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