SPH Magazines


The Challenge

SPH Magazines had underwent a site revamp to update a previously rather old-school look. Sounds good, right? Well, not really.

After the revamp, the website dropped in ranking for many of its targeted keywords. The new website had limited search engine visibility. For example, even when searching for its own brand name it was positioned as no. 6. Hardly an ideal situation!

Furthermore, its relevant pages were not coming up in search engine results. A site audit also revealed that SPH Magazines was not showing up for generic keywords that could potentially generate sales leads. In other words – a user searching for the keyword “magazines advertising” could be a potential client for SPH Magazines, but when its site failed to show up in the search results, such an opportunity was lost.

Thus clickTRUE was brought in to:

1) Regain traffic lost due to the revamp

2) Optimize the site with keywords to drive up the conversion rate

Campaign Strategy

Our proposed solution?

Step One: First target “low-lying fruit” to quickly draw in relevant traffic

We analyzed keyword opportunities to identify SPH Magazines’ brand name products. For example – Simply Her and Seventeen are just two of the titles that belong to SPHM. Searches for these keywords would then bring users to their respective websites. This had the effect of pushing up the ranking of these homepages, which turn boosted the overall page ranking of SPHM, as these are pages it has links from.
In general, brand name keywords are a safe bet because they are owned by the brand itself and other companies will not compete for them. Analysis was done to find out what SPHM’s more popular products were so that the process could be further streamlined. Efforts could be concentrated on keywords for these products as it would be easier to increase traffic to their homepages.

Step Two: Focus on higher value keywords that are more likely to increase conversion

We say that conversion has taken place when a web visitor engages in a desired action, which in SPH Magazines’ case, was to fill in a form to receive their media kit. As mentioned earlier, when SPH Magazines’ site traffic increased and its search rank was pushed up, it was in a better position to compete for a good ranking for higher value, or generic keywords. Generic keywords are so called because they are not exclusive to any particular brand, and consequently there are many more companies competing for them.

To achieve these goals, we worked to optimize on-page factors for these selected keywords and build relevant, quality links from other websites to increase site authority.

The Impact

3 months later, the number of indexed pages on Google had increased by more than three times, and the average monthly visits to SPH Magazines website saw a 28% increase.

We attributed this to the top rankings SPH Magazines achieved for high value keywords after our search engine optimization. The resultant increase in traffic led to a high conversion rate. This was confirmed by Google Analytics results.

In conclusion, clickTRUE’s campaign successfully regained SPH Magazines’ lost traffic by increasing its keyword rankings and search traffic. The result was a higher conversion rate and ultimately, higher revenue and a growing bottomline!