SPHM Advertiser Drive


The Challenge

It is common knowledge that the diffculty level of executing B2B campaigns is much higher as compared to campaigns targeted at consumers. The client in this case is SPH Magazines. Their objective is to use the Online Channels for their Advertiser Acquisition Drive with reach provided by Search Engine Marketing.

enhanced Search Engine Marketing for SPHM Singapore

Putting them on our enhanced SEM plaform integrated with Google Analytics, we were able to quickly get feedback on their declining site metrics – factors that increased the cost per acquisition of each lead obained through their website.

Campaign Strategy & Impact

An immediate bout of Landing Page Optimisation (LPO) medication was applied – changing call to actions on sites, tweaking the images and improving the copywriting. The effectiness was monitored through our platform.

enhanced Search Engine Marketing reports for SPHM

The result was that the cause and effect of the quick action was clearly demonstrated. Client was very satisfied that our recommendations worked. This was mainly due to the powerful trending and charting features of our enhanced SEM platform – FTW.

Getting Started Is Easy

We understand you’re busy with your business, so we’ve made the SEM set-up process a breeze for you. Simply call us to talk to our consultants, share your marketing objectives with us and we’ll set you off in the right direction!

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