4 Skills Of Seduction In Web Page Copywriting

Jeelene Ker

I get it, as business owners, you’d probably think that having all the information of your products and or services mashed into one solid web page is ideal. After all, you probably paid a few grand to set it up, might as well make full use of it, right?


Despite your good intentions to address all of your audience’s need-to-knows, the thing is, a long/ wordy/ information-cluttered web page actually turns your audience off (yikes!).  

In fact, many businesses are actually unaware of how much they are cluttering up their web pages. 

Web pages are now considered a virtual ‘storefront’ for your business. It provides in-depth information about your products, showcase your credentials and allows you to throw in a couple of seasonal promotions. Thereafter, you hope that your time, money and effort would pay off.

 If it did, good.

 But what if it didn’t?

A website could fail due to several reasons. This article will touch on one of the many reasons – copywriting. This is written for the benefit of businesses that are unsatisfied by the performance of their webpage and are seeking out the plausible reason behind it. By all means, this article is not a one-for-all industry solution, however, it attempts to shed some light for you to improve the next, or current web page on the copywriting aspect.


But first, let me personify it simply – write your draft as you’d dress to impress.

1. The Importance Of First Impressions

 Alike in all cultures, first impressions are inevitably what we take away from meeting new people. It is the feel that we get of them. For most of us, one of the things we do take notice first of people is their face.

Now take for example a woman’s make up. When a woman’s makeup is not done properly or when it’s overdone, it puts people off immediately. It’s definitely not the ideal impression to give to anyone.


(Photo : Pixabay)

 It is the same for a landing page.

People start to feel your page the very moment they land on it. Specifically,  a study concluded by Google states that “people are able to form a stable first impression within 50 millisecond of perception”. That’s an almost instantaneous conclusion.

 Aesthetics aside, the copywriting of the headline as well as any additional texts must be able to capture and entice people to ‘like’ your page in order to continue to scroll. Remember, you only have one chance to impress your audience, otherwise, they’ll bounce.

 Putting it in perspective for you, take a look at the screenshots below. These are the first thing you’ll see when you land on the web pages of 24/7 Workout – a company that offers sustainable weight loss through personal training and diet monitoring.


247 original hero image

Version A


24 7 Workout1

Version B


Which conveyed a stronger and more result-oriented vibe to you?

If you picked Version A, you are most likely to be similar to their target audience. Our poll showed that the majority prefered Version A.

There are several reasons why Version A outperformed Version B:

  1. Not wordy
  2. Headline was distinct and tightly written

 Also, the high package price that was stated upfront in Version B might have been a turn-off for people.

 Moral of the story: Keep the ‘face’ clean and don’t overdo the copywriting.

 2. Give Your Copywriting Personality

If you ask a woman – your mother/ sister/ girlfriend/ wife – around you, ‘How would you dress up for a friend’s wedding, as compared to going on a Sunday afternoon date?’, she’d most likely be able to give you a brief breakdown (or not; depends on individual).

Extending from the point above, you should write with a clear, consistent message designed for the twenty to thirty per cent of your potential converting customers in mind. Don’t be afraid to test out your copies either. You can always do an A/B test to fine-tune your copy.

Essentially, give your copywriting personality. That would mean writing with a certain tone.

Depending on your business nature, you can choose to write formally, informally, casually, directly, indirectly, playfully… the list goes on.

This should not be new to you.

However, finding the right tone takes time and practice if you are doing it yourself. Otherwise, you could hire a professional copywriter to do it for you.

 For a start, ask yourself questions like “What am I selling to my customers? Is it a service or a product?”, “Who are my audience?” etc. Think about how best they communicate to you and your business. Keep the tone as close and genuine to how you would speak with them in person as possible.

 Take a look below of Jean Yip nails’ web page. It uses a casual and playful tone to speak to its female audience for their $38 deal.

Jean Yip Nails

Moral of the story: There is no one-copy-fits-all template that will last for years, or even months. The market paradigm changes with time, so does your audience’s demographics and expectations. So your copywriting should change, too.

 3. How Long Is Long Enough?

 We live and work in a society where we handle and process tons of information and data everyday. Your audience would love you if you could make that process a little less painful. And they would appreciate even more if you could actually make it enjoyable when going through your web page.

 Plan and structure your copywriting in a way that it sufficiently reveals and entices readers. Show them how your products or services can solve their problems or depending on your product, to create the ‘want’ in them.

 Likewise, revealing too much (as on a woman) will cause people to be distracted. Long, wordy ‘fluff’ or ‘warm up copy’ overwhelms your audience. They simply cannot find what they need, or they will lose interest to even finish reading.

 Now, you don’t want that.

 Your copywriting should help guide your audience down your web page’s content. You can start by eliminating unnecessary details to keep the length short and sweet. The lesser the clutter, the lesser the amount of information they will have to process. Again, you can do an A/B test on this, too.

 I would like to show you a short one-pager of PC Dreams, which contains just two distinct sections:

PC Dreams   Your Trusted Specialist

The service that PC Dreams is selling is a very direct service. Here, it doesn’t try to play up unnecessary or fancy details which essentially helps to filter out non-genuine leads.

Moral of the story: Don’t take your audience’s time and attention span for granted. Write concisely and simply; longer doesn’t always mean better.

 4. Complete The Look With Ample White Space

 This last point I have for you is not new but often overlooked in practice – whitespace.

 Sufficient and well planned-out white spaces helps readers’ minds to ‘breathe’ and process the information they just read better.

 I would like to end of the post with an example of Jean Yip Hair Spa’s web page. Notice how much ‘white space’ there is that makes you focus only on two things – the lustrous locks of Cheryl Wee and the accompanying strong headline.

 Jean Yip   Hair Spa

Remember, help your audience remember you by leaving a good impression and consistent message delivered in tight headlines on well-planned out spaces.

 Think of it as you trying to plan your outfit to impress your boss or partner (or Queen Elizabeth?).

 No pressure.

Is your copywriting working? Or not so sure how to go about with it? Let us work on it and let genuine leads flow for you. Send us an enquiry now!


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