5 Tips to Capture More Leads With Your Landing Page

Jasmine Toh

Remember Mark?

That’s right, the guy with the gym!

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out our previous blog about marketing plans.)

Now that he has a marketing plan for his gym, he is ready to move on to the next step.

Mark has an awesome salesperson, Mike. Every time they have roadshows to promote the gym, Mike always brings in the most signups.

He is really good at explaining about their equipment and why their gym is better than competitors.

Mark’s trusty marketing superman, Jackie said to him –

(Don’t worry, Mike you are not going to be enslaved.)

Mike 2.0, the top salesperson who will work 24/7, is none other than a landing page!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form (aka a conversion form).

This is a landing page.

This is also a landing page.

So now you know what a landing page looks like, you might wonder – how do we create a basic landing page?

Anatomy of a Landing Page

(Infographic courtesy of Unbounce)

#1 Your Unique Selling Point – headline, supporting subheader, reinforcement and closing argument

#2 Image/video showing your product/service

#3 Benefits of your offering

#4 Social proof – e.g. customer testimonials, social shares, number of sign ups

#5 A single goal (clear call to action)

Why Landing Pages Rock

Landing pages to marketers are what coffee is to the caffeine-addicted employee, and what po chai pills are to the person with diarrhoea. Essential.

A big mistake many SMEs make is to direct their campaign traffic to their homepage rather than a landing page. That is equivalent to throwing leads away.

By sending them a targeted landing page instead, you can capture these leads at a much higher rate. This is a typical homepage vs a landing page to help you understand why.

(Screenshots courtesy of Oli Gardner)

There are many distractions in a homepage – other offers, links and services. Which one is your prospect supposed to focus on?

What if a prospect got directed to Mark’s gym homepage, hoping to find out more about Mark’s March gym promo. But they got distracted by Mark’s ”BuffMeUp” protein shakes and forgot all about the promo!

In a landing page, there is only one clear call to action. That’s why it’s your top salesman who can sell your flagship product like hotcakes 24/7.

What is Landing Page Optimisation?

For your landing page to do its job, it has to be optimised to give you as many conversions at the lowest cost. Lead Generation Digital Marketing agencies (like us) specialise in this. 

Here are 5 pro tips you can use to start optimising your landing pages. 

5 Landing Page Optimisation Tips

#1 Create synergy with your advertisement

If you clicked, expecting to find information about a “40% off gym membership promotion” but get directed to a page talking about how awesome their gym is instead.

Will you be happy? Probably not.

That’s why you have to match the copy of your ad to the headline of your landing page

#2 Use context

You wouldn’t invite someone to your house and act like you don’t know them. That’s why you have to continue the conversation from whatever channel you used to drive traffic to the landing page.

If they came from an email campaign where you have communicated with them in a very personal way, they will feel disconnected if they see a generic landing page only boasting about how great the company is.

Here are some simple ways you add context to your page by making it more personal:

  • Show gratitude to your visitor for clicking on the ad.
  • Use conversational copy to humanise the relationship (write like you would to a friend.)
  • Include a personal message from the person who sent the email.

#3 Encourage them to fill in the form

Make it seem easier to fill in the form by making it shorter or splitting it over more than one page.

A form will be a whole lot easier to fill if you avoid asking open-ended questions. If you have drop-down menus, put the most common answer as the first option in the drop-down menu. Also make sure that there is an “others” option, in case they do not belong in any of the given options. Lastly, get rid of that troublesome security captcha!

Give them an incentive to fill up the form by offering free ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, newsletters, discounts, giveaway entries, free trials etc.

#4 Copy that converts

Your headline is what gets the foot in the door. You need an interesting and relevant headline to capture your prospect’s attention. Choose clear over clever headlines, do not be overly “click-baity” at the expense of the message.

Beef it up with a supporting statement that further elaborates on how you can solve your prospect’s pain point.

Close the lead by building a sense of urgency and brings them back to the call to action.

#5 Design elements to highlight the call to action

I know, this is a super minimal “landing page”. Not exactly the most bombastic example.

But it works, because it directs the prospect’s attention to the form, which is a fundamental basic in landing page optimisation.

  1. Highlight the form to make it stand out
  2. Use contrasting colours
  3. Use directional cues (aka arrows to point attention to your form)


Don’t have the time and resources to make a landing page from scratch or prefer to have a digital marketing expert do it for you?

Your residential marketing superman, Jackie, can lend you a hand.

The next step – driving traffic to the landing page using online ads (stay tuned!)

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