Christmas Affair 2011


Work hard, Play even harder. That's the motto we live by for those of us working in clickTRUE

For all the hard work and effort done, sweat and tears shed, late nights, weekends and yes, birthdays shifts, the clickTRUE team came together to celebrate the holiday season. It is just but fitting since Christmas is a time where families come together to celebrate everything they are thankful for, for the year. Now, judging on how much play we all had… it really must have been one hard working year!

So here are some shots and I’ll let them speak of the fun during the party!

Bambi, The Biggest Winner.  For the snowflake costume and for the grand lucky draw.

Christmas-themed charades. Now, we’ll know who the Grinch/es are! In photo is Michelle from the winning team, doing her part.

The Best Actor Award. Goes to … well, Adrian. Ha! a once in a year office-sighting.

For the gift-giving, look at some quirky and totally appropriate gifts!

Stress ball anyone?

If it was a guy, a nose trimmer would be useful.. but for Suhaila?

Some got good gifts but were stolen soon enough. All thanks to our gift exchange mechanics!

Crono, The Luckiest of us all! His gift was stolen thrice and alas! took the remaining gift under the tree. 

Finally, the team’s wacky shot! 

From us here are clickTRUE, here’s looking forward to another exciting, more hard working year!

For more photos of the party.. check it out here!

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