Snapshot Of An Intern’s Experience With clickTRUE


The Exploration

I was quite anxious about securing an internship and started searching for opportunities via OnTRAC , the SMU Career Services Management System since early January. I was hoping to find an internship that will expose me to different aspects of Marketing. Having graduated with a Diploma in Marketing, I have never got out of touch from Marketing till now. However, most of the IS-related internships posted are looking for students to do programming, an area which I am not very strong in.

And at last, NoisyCrayons posted a job opportunity on OnTRAC in late January. The job title, Digital Marketing Intern caught my attention immediately and the job description was challenging yet exciting. Yes, I want to learn about SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing! These are interesting and useful terms that I have heard of when I studied Internet Marketing but not used before. So I uploaded my cover letter and resume almost immediately and hoped for the best.

Then school started flooding me with tests and projects but I checked my email daily for a reply. It was in late February when Jereme, COO of clickTRUE, the parent company of NoisyCrayons emailed me some questions regarding my social media activities. I went to clickTRUE for a short interview two weeks later and viola! I got notified on the internship offer just a few hours later.

I remembered that I cheered out loud while queuing for food during break time and people were staring at me. Haha! I am delighted that I managed to secure an internship at clickTRUE as I am sure that Jereme has received many resumes as well!

The Beginning

Right on the first day of work, Jereme mentioned that all interns are treated just like the permanent staffs. This means equal responsibilities and expectations. After a short briefing, I was exposed to keywords research, search marketing and copywriting using Google Adwords. I also came to understand the differences between advertising on the Content Network and Search Network. There is information overload in the beginning but I managed to gain a better understanding after quick but detailed explanations from Jia He and Adrian. I was also encouraged to explore more possibilities on my own.

Next, I got my hands on Google Analytics, a tool which arouses my interest more than Adwords. Since my Polytechnic days, my lecturer has been emphasizing that marketers should never be afraid of numbers, especially the dollars and cents. Therefore, I trained myself to face them although I was never an A student in Mathematics.

Looking Forward To The Remaining Weeks!

It has been 2 weeks since I started working at clickTRUE and it is truly a brilliant experience. I definitely hoped to be trained on keywords searching as well as making use of the data available in order to analyse how visitors interact with the website. Most importantly, as what Jackie mentioned, I want to “enjoy my stay here and learn as much as I can”! 

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