Intern Knows How the Time Flies in clickTRUE


Time sure flies like an arrow when you enjoy what you are doing. But fruit flies like a banana? It took me a while to understand the word play in that sentence when I saw it for the first time. It is the same thing for me when meeting new people. I like to take my time observing them before opening myself up. But I only have 10 weeks here so I cannot possibly take 1 month to observe and get to know my colleagues slowly. Therefore, I tried to be more vocal and hoped that I would be able to bond with them quickly. Luckily, they were all friendly and fun-loving people so I was able to adapt the soonest.

Having introduced how I got this internship earlier on as well as the tasks that I was given, let’s go deeper into what I have learnt!

My Main Roles

I am in the campaign operations team and my main responsibility is to assist Jia He in SEO and SEM for one of the clients. On SEM side, it was not difficult for me to understand and get my hands on the process in creating an ad on Google Adwords. However, keywords researching as well as incorporating the keywords into the ad were the crucial parts.

Which keyword phrases do people like to search on? How competitive are those keywords? Are there any other keywords that I have missed out? These are the questions that I ask myself before crafting the ads. Most importantly, the ad’s headline and description lines 1 & 2 have to be kept below 25 and 35 letters respectively.

It was the trickiest part for me. Can you imagine the frustration when you are over the limit by just 1 letter?

Well, maybe that is just me being short-tempered. But, copywriting on Adwords has definitely trained me on how to be patient and think critically in order to create impactful ads with the relevant keywords. It is also vital to bring across the important and valuable message to the target audience while keeping it short and sweet. After some time, I felt as if I could count 35 letters by heart and my fingers stop typing magically. Like WOW!

Similarly for SEO, keywords searching was done to drive traffic into the client’s website. The key is to make sure that the information and the articles written on the website are related to what the audience is looking for on search engines like Google. I also managed to do some data crunching with Google Analytics on one of the campaigns to determine the performance. Some suggestions were also listed to improve the SEO.

For me, there is a small sense of satisfaction when I see a campaign goes live and that the article titles that I suggested were being used on the client’s website.

Hard VS Soft Skills

New hard skills learnt aside, Jereme has always hoped that we will be able to develop better soft skills. I got to ask Jereme over lunch one day how he screens for suitable people into clickTRUE and a person’s high EQ is the one of the criteria that he looks out for. You may have the strongest hard skills but there is little that you can contribute to the company if you cannot interact and work well with your colleagues.

During this period, I picked up better communication skills and was able to understand my working style and attitude better as well. I was confused with my working style because I am torn in between being task-oriented or time-oriented. Let me try to break this down.

Task-oriented people prefer to work on a task until completion before proceeding to the next task while time-oriented people set timing for the first task and proceed on to another timed task. But this does not mean that time-oriented people leave many backlogs because they will keep coming back to it.

I guess it is difficult for me to jump from task to task because I feel insecure about leaving something hanging around. But I have to learn to ‘let go’ and multi-task like my colleagues as there are many different tasks that each of them has to handle. I discovered that I need the time pressure and reminders of the deadline to myself constantly so that I will not procrastinate. I thank Jia He and Adrian for the little walks to my table and getting me back on track.

Never Say Goodbye

My 10 weeks of internship here has been a short but very fruitful one. I am glad to have met the most hardworking people here, people who have great passion in their work and good time management; juggling between work, family and life. It is certainly not easy to meet people with similar personalities and hobbies but they all came together here! I am sure that everyone treasures this special bond.

Thank you all for having me here, bringing me out for good lunches and sharing interesting stories with me! I look forward to future karaoke sessions and interactions on Twitter!

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