Memoirs Of A clickTRUE Intern…

Stephanie Phua


To be very candid, half the team is on leave. I am sitting comfortably on my desk, with nothing much left to do and an hour left to the close of the day. But this is not just any Friday…

It’s my last day at clickTRUE!

Before I get started on how my experience has been, I guess I should tell you a bit more about how I ended up with an internship here.

(Serious face.)

My name is Stephanie Phua. I came in as a newbie in internet marketing, intrigued and eager to learn more about the geeky world of SEM, SEO, SMM and all other acronyms associated to internet marketing that exist out there.

How did I hear about clickTRUE? I was previously an intern at a public relations agency. And I’m not going to bother to cover up the truth – interning at a PR agency involves a hell lot of media monitoring. clickTRUE’s banners emerged in most of the major sites I had to monitor, and was top of mind when I thought about local internet marketing consulting agencies. After checking out their website, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to do another internship before I headed back to school. With nothing to lose and an eagerness to get in touch with my inner nerd, I sent an email to HR. After a few email exchanges with Mr. Boss Man (Jereme, who ended up being my supervisor), I came in for an interview, and due to certain slight complications, we settled with a short 6-week stint.

I remember him asking me if this would be an issue, and I said it wouldn’t matter, as long as I got to learn something. Mr. Boss Man very confidently told me I was going to learn at least 2 things a week.

clickTRUE Culture Wall clickTRUE Pacman Wall

On my first day, Mr. Boss Man asked if I would like to have a drink. I’m not sure if he realized that I had just made myself a cup of Milo. Anyway, I realized the right thing to do was to accept the offer. Over a cup of coffee in the SPH canteen, I was accosted by a barrage of tough questions that got me thinking, strategically. After fielding most of the questions with very frank “I don’t know”s, Mr. Boss Man never gave me the answers. He just asked more questions. And that set the tone for this internship – a lot of it was trial and error on my part, before he stood in to point out what went right, and what should be corrected.

You’ve got to be wondering what could I learn in 6 weeks. I got a good overview of what internet marketing entailed, how Google Analytics could be used to help optimise sites, how to design a website to optimise conversions, and tried my hand at social media marketing. Through conducting research and compiling reports, I managed to glean insights on the basics of the industry as well as existing trends. Mr. Boss Man threw in many helpful tips along the way – little secrets I would never have been able to learn off the Internet.

To any of you out there interested in working here, I love the culture here. The people are warm, sincere, helpful and friendly, with no airs about them, not even the Boss Men. When it’s time to talk business, you know they’re serious, but otherwise, they’re all pretty laid back. Those who have guided me have been nothing short of patient and understanding. Sometimes I ask too many questions, but everyone’s been generous with sharing their knowledge, and they really know what they’re talking about – plus, I never got any discriminating looks.

In a nutshell, I’ve learnt what I’ve come to learn, in a very conducive environment, and this fulfilling experience has opened my eyes to spark a greater interest in the world of Internet marketing. It’s been worth sacrificing 6 weeks of my term break, and I really owe it all to the entire team. Kudos goes to Jereme for taking me under his wings, and exposing me to as many learning opportunities as possible.

Adios, Amigos. Hopefully this isn’t my final goodbye – it’s not hard to find me in the cybersphere out there. Feel free to keep in touch!


Ed note: We had fun too while you were around! Thanks for injecting all that Gen-Y lingo and enthusiasm!

PS: If you know of anyone who on average clocks more than 200 tweets a week, recommend him/her a stint at clickTRUE!

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No ones goes home empty handed after coming to clickTRUE!

@DarenTay Yeah! In fact, we challenge you to overcome your boundaries! 😉

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