Port Dickson Through A clickTRUE Newbie’s Eyes

Adel Woon


Mud, Blood, Laughter, and Mosquitos. That roughly sums up the three days that we spent at Port Dickson as a clickTRUE family!

When the idea of a company retreat first emerged, everyone was intrigued by the idea. Many of us desperately googled “Port Dickson Eagle Ranch” hoping to find good reviews for the place, but receiving otherwise. Reviews filled with bedbugs horror stories left us googling for “how to kill bedbugs” instead. (Particularly the SG Sales/AM team…)

The itinerary was filled with team-building activities, including an obstacle course (with us having to climb over an EIGHT-FEET WALL!!!), field games (where everyone shortly got their faces covered in flour), and even paintball (RAMBO alert!). Of course, there were also sharing sessions that were paramount to the company growing as one.

But it wasn’t all fun and games throughout the retreat. One of the more important activities of the retreat were the sharing sessions. Learning about the history of clickTRUE, from a small department to a full-blown company, from a 2-man show to a 50-people strong army.

Sharing about clickTRUE’s culture, and how it’s already good / could be better, was informative and entertaining. Some even mentioned getting new office chairs! But most of us mentioned how we loved the culture of “leave-no-man-behind (except for the shuttle bus!)”, how the flat hierarchy enabled us to ask questions more openly instead of being afraid to approach the bosses for help.

As a newbie to the clickTRUE family, experiencing the sharing sessions was a real eye-opener. Seeing how the management level really made an effort to listen, and learning their ideology for where they wanted this company to go. It not only made me more positive about wanting to help this company grow, but it also taught me about how company cultures can really make or break a company.

Overall, the company retreat was a fantastic experience, one that made me very glad to have been given the opportunity to work in clickTRUE and be part of the clickTRUE family. Here’s to many more retreats with clickTRUE and more!

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