Singapore’s Own Googleplex: From The View Of An Intern

Chyi Fang Loh

“Online Marketing Internship Singapore”
“Digital Marketing Intern Singapore”
“Online Marketing Intern Singapore”
“Digital Internship Singapore”

This was what filled my Google search bar for 10373729 days. (Well not exactly, but you get what I mean.)

My summer holiday was coming up and as part of my school’s curriculum, I was due for an marketing internship stint at any firm I could find. 10 weeks isn’t very long, neither is it short – and so, I decided that these 10 weeks had got to count! Technology has always been one of my interests and so I thought, why not merge passion with what I’m studying and intern at a digital marketing firm!

Good Idea

Well but those keywords mentioned above weren’t getting me what I was looking for and so I embarked on a journey of searching for “top online marketing firms in Singapore”, in hope that somewhere in their careers section lies a golden internship opportunity.

And lo and behold, I landed on As I browsed through the pages of cT’s culture, corporate philosophy, blog posts from past interns and the career page, a few words began jumping out at me.

Team-oriented“, “Work hard, play hard“, “Dynamic Team“, “Live and breathe digital

I pointed at the screen and exclaimed out loud “THIS IS IT”. Crossing my fingers, I sent my cover letter and resume. Miraculously, I got a reply from Jereme just half an hour later and after a few email correspondences, we settled for a date and time for an interview.

Well let’s just say the rest is history. Fast-forward 2 months, here I am sitting in the office typing this blog post on the Monday of my third week here at clickTRUE.

I guess the big question now is: So, how is clickTRUE, really?

The Team – More than just colleagues and bosses

  • Flat Hierarchy
    One of the things that struck me the most in my first two weeks here is the flat hierarchy here at clickTRUE. For one, Jereme (aka the bossman as called by previous interns/the COO) sits with the department instead of a separate personal office. But his presence here is not one of an oh-my-god-my-boss-is-right-here-sit-straight-do-not-do-anything-weird kind of presence. Instead he is the one that adds that personal touch in the department, answering questions that we might have and occasionally sharing the happenings in his life. During one of my conversations with him, Jereme shared that here at clickTRUE, we do not separate our private and work life but attempt to merge the both to be a team. I’d say that it has been pretty successful and it has made clickTRUE the dynamic and inviting place that it is.
  • Team-Oriented
    When you think of an office, what comes to mind? Probably silence, a lot of clicking sounds from the keyboard and occasional sounds from a coffee machine right? Well, not the case in clickTRUE. Through that day, you’ll hear people asking one another for opinions, helping one another out in areas that they’re more familiar with, sharing what they know to the rest. People don’t hold back knowledge for their own benefit but share it willingly to bring the team forward. Pretty impressive, I know.

Work Hard, Play Hard – Not a myth

Let’s just say that it’s a mini Googleplex here in clickTRUE.

  • Working Hard
    People here really give thought in every thing they do! From things like presentation decks, to the website interface (basically things I’ve been in touch with by far) to hearing how the team speaks to the clients – you can see how people really do a thorough and sincere job at it. Everything is ran through a couple of times over with different inputs just to make sure that the work done here is the best as it can be.
  • Playing hard
    But it’s also true that we play hard here in clickTRUE. If there’s one thing that I’ve been constantly ‘trained’ in the past 11 days it’s the skill of playing pool. I’ve played pool a couple of times before coming to clickTRUE but this was always me:PoolBut through the guidance of people like Zhi Yun (thanks!), I’m finally getting the hang of it now! And with some sheer beginner’s luck, won a couple of rounds too.

Knowing what to focus on – The wisdom of entrepreneurs

At the end of the day, I think what’s most precious about being able to intern here is the opportunity to glean from the experiences of the management team. Like what Jereme emphasised on during the interview, the focus of an internship here will be more on the soft skills rather than the hard. We can pick up hard skills anywhere – from books, from school or from Google. But only experience teaches us the soft.

During my first ask-anything coffee session with Jereme (pretty cool time where you get to ask anything you want in the world), I queried more about the establishment of clickTRUE, NoisyCrayons and our better leads-gen platform. What stood out to me was how he and Jackie were not people who tried to put everything on their plates but they knew where to draw the line, how to be flexible and find creative solutions to the problems faced. It was out of this that NoisyCrayons and our BLP system were born.

Foresight and insight. Perhaps that’s what makes successful entrepreneurs successful.

Well this pretty much sums up the past 11 days here but I know the journey ahead will be even greater.

I shall end off with what Jereme shared with me when I secured my internship here:

“Stay foolish and hungry. The opportunities are limitless”

Looking forward to my remaining 7 weeks here at clickTRUE!!

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