The Curious Incident Of The Intern In clickTRUE

Cassandra Aw

Fortunately for this particular intern, her experience hasn’t been quite so nightmarish…

Wait, why am I talking about myself in third person today? Let’s rewind and start again from the top, shall we? 😀

It was approaching the start of the summer holidays, and I was eager to break free from the usual monotony of temp jobs doing data entry and admin work. I won’t go into the usual cheesy spiel about wanting to get practical experience outside of academics and school projects, blah blah blah, here. Suffice to say, I figured an internship in an industry that’s expanded by leaps and bounds over the past half decade, and is set to continue doing so, could only do me good. And with that in mind, I didn’t hesitate to drop clickTRUE’s Chief Operating Officer Jereme an email when I first saw their intern recruitment notice. He called me down for an interview shortly after, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I don’t want to create any illusions here. Jereme was quick to identify my strengths and I was set to work on a variety of articles for their blog. There was little in the way of mollycoddling and spoonfeeding, or letting me tag around observing my new colleagues at work under the guise of widening my perspective. There was a lot done to widen my perspective, alright, but it took place gradually as I floundered around figuring out how to get my assignments done. If I went wrong somewhere, Jereme would step in and correct me, and I learnt from there. If I had done an adequate job, he would let me know accordingly, and that too, provided opportunity for learning.

In other words? If independent learning is your thing, and you prefer to be exposed to a variety of ways to do things as opposed to simply being told that certain tasks need to be done in a certain way, then you are going to love it here at clickTRUE. But that’s not to say that I was simply thrown into the deep blue sea. From day one, Jereme made it very clear to me that I could always go to him if I had questions about anything. And to be very honest, it was simultaneously flattering and frightening to know the amount of leeway he was allowing me as a lowly intern. I was given the freedom to decide what I wanted to write for the clickTRUE blog, collaborate with our in-house designer Bambi on the conceptualization of our Facebook page, manage said Facebook page, and work on the copy for a client’s project, amongst other things.

Beyond the practical experience all this provided, Jereme and my other colleagues at clickTRUE were never stingy in their sharing of tips and advice, be it in the form of a quick discussion over drinks in the SPH canteen, or over lunch at a nearby hawker centre.

The icing on the cake, I think, is the fact that everyone here is so lovely. There are no distinctions drawn between newbies and more senior members of the staff here, and it’s an amazing thing to experience – the kind which you really need to see for yourself to understand. Having done stints at some far larger, and frankly speaking, extremely corporate and hierachy-driven companies, it was a refreshing change to work in an environment that was anything but that.

So, if you are still debating whether to take the plunge and send in your resume to clickTRUE, please just do so already. And if you need some extra encouragement in the form of a verbal push or more personal anecdotes, just drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter anytime! 😉

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