Don’t Let Your Website Be Just An Online Brochure – A clickTRUE Seminar (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Esther Yeap

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We'll definitely have more of these coming up in 2011 and we certainly hope to see you in the next round of seminars.


Are are you getting visitors to your website? More importantly, are they responding to your call to action? Or do they come and leave without doing anything?

To realize an improved ROI, it is important to understand the development from search marketing to conversion optimization, and to help you with that, we've got a seminar underway!


At this seminar, hear from Google & clickTRUE's experts what every business must do to:

1. Attract traffic to your site
2. Get visitors to perform a desired action
3. Convert them into customers

Quite simply, get the results you want on your website.

The best part? It's free!

So, are you ready to convert your visitors into customers? Seats are limited to 80 per session and there aren't many spaces left, so RSVP now to avoid disappointment!

(Get more details of the seminar here)

*This event is jointly organized by clickTRUE and Google Singapore

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