What Can I Get From clickTRUE?

Jereme Wong

Busy Owner: “Is there a simpler and faster way to understand what clickTRUE can do for me?”

The short answer is Yes, read on. (The “not so short answer” can be found here)

So what does partnering clickTRUE mean for you?

4 things mainly.

First, it means you get Relevant Traffic to view your Media Ads and enjoy Media Optimization on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc so that more people can know more about your company; understand your best offer in a way that saves you money in ads and provide the clearest transparency to your media spend. #transparency #trusted

“Remember just because you’re doing a lot more, doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done. Don’t confuse movement with progress.” – Denzel Washington

Second, it also means you get a best in class mobile responsive landing page created via our Partner Led Consultation so you can surface your most persuasive pitch online and start to test better promotions/offers to your targeted audience. #noexperienceneeded

“We have completed over 3000 campaigns in the last 4 years by our Partners with almost 20 years of digital marketing experience each.” – clickTRUE

Third, it means you get Leads from advertising via our proven “multiple magic buckets” approach to Lead Generation so that your salespeople can have warm meetings and hot outcomes besides getting pure branding and exposure. This mean more revenue from marketing. #BetterLeadsPlatform #LeadsRUs #ROI

“Your customers need to take an action before your business can profit.” – Jackie Lee

Fourth probably the most important of them all, it means you can free up your TIME from the daily non-core time-sucking marketing activities and focus on more important growth challenges e.g. training sales, enhancing product/service development, more research, better customer service, lower returns/refunds, more income. I can save you months, even years of time from avoiding all the common mistakes in marketing so that you can spend more time on growing your company or just think about the time you’ll be able to spend with your wife, your kids, can you honestly put a price tag on something like that? #timeismoney #time #yourmostpreciousresource

Hope that helps in understanding my calling and purpose of starting clickTRUE. We also made sure the engagement with us is straightforward, truthful, transparent and requires no prior marketing experience. I also hate people throwing jargons at me during a presentation. It’s agonising.

If you aren’t convinced of the reasons above, we can continue the conversation further!

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