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Finding Business Solutions A Tough Sell?
Learn Why Many Companies Fail At B2B Marketing

Some may think that B2B Marketing is as hard as scoring a hole in one. While it’s often easy for B2C online marketers to find consumers online, it can be tough for B2B businesses to pin down where their audience really are.
Here’s why:

Low Search Volume

Unique B2B service offerings often face low search traffic volume and high CPC (cost per click) as compared to B2C products and services. What’s more, traffic for B2B services are often masked by consumers looking for other services.

E.g. Few would search for precision engineering services as compared to marketing services.

Result: It takes a long while to collate meaningful data that informs you where your customers are.

Spiraling Costs From An Ad Bidding War

A low search volume often translates into spiraling costs as most businesses seek to advertise in the top 3 ad spots in order to get seen.

Result: Online marketing campaigns often fail or are unsustainable due to the high costs involved.

Lack of CRM Software To Track Leads

It is often costly for companies to implement tracking on their website, due to the lack of operational know-how and manpower resources. Most CRM software are not tailored to the needs of businesses or are often too complex for those with basic computer skills.

Result: The lack of marketing automation translates into the inefficient use of online marketing capital as companies are often unable to justify the Return On Investment (ROI) from their online marketing campaigns.

Improve Your Business Productivity With A Leads Generation System

We customise online marketing campaigns for companies from various industries, ranging from public relations to marine engineering, to reach each firm’s unique clients and businesses.

Business Analysis

We’ve worked with more than 1,000 clients and have completed more than 200 landing pages (web pages that sell your products to your customers) to know what it takes to impress your customers. We’ll help you identify the best unique selling points (USPs) to put you ahead of your competitors online and leverage on your brand.

Quick Rollout

With more than 600 marketing campaigns under our belt, we’re experienced in executing fast rollouts to ensure that your lead generation system is online within 5 weeks from sign on.

Targeted Approach

Reach out to global businesses whenever and wherever. We offer targeted online marketing solutions tailored for your needs. From traffic acquisition to analyzing which online marketing tactic (e.g. Free report downloads, Free consultation to entice potential customers) works best for you, you can count on our wealth of digital expertise to get you seen by your important customers.

Data Driven Solutions

Track all important marketing data and measure it. We make it easy to measure the success of your campaign with an automated reporting platform. Get quick updates on your campaign so you know exactly how your campaign is faring.

Meaningful Insights

Cut through the data clutter. Let us help you analyze and highlight insights that can help reduce your cost per lead acquisition. Find out which countries your online campaign should focus on or what channels (Google, Yahoo Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn) work best for your campaign.

Continuous Optimisation

With more visibility on your data metrics, you’ll be able to make appropriate adjustments to your marketing campaign to increase your ROI over time. From testing ad copies, to managing keyword targeting, our online marketing experts are constantly finding ways to improve the success of your online campaign.






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  • Increase your income and lower your refund rates
  • Your business and service will improve

Let us help you with your PIC Claims

Our consultants can assist you with your PIC claims. Our leads generation system is eligible under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. Our system and services qualify under the category of 'Acquisition and Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment’.

About clickTRUE

With over two decades of online experience from founding and managing the leading technology portal –, clickTRUE understands what is required to build and grow an online brand. We leverage on our past experience to give advice on best practices and provide holistic solutions to increase clients' brand value.

Today, clickTRUE has a growing clientele comprising both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, with a significant pool of clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • Founders from Hardware Zone
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  • #1 Google Analytics Consultants in SG/SE-Asia
  • 1st Yahoo! Platinum Search Marketing Agency
  • Associate company of Singapore Press Holdings

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