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About clickTRUE

With over a decade of online experience from founding and managing the leading technology portal –, clickTRUE understands what is required to build and grow an online brand. We leverage on our past experience to give advice on best practices and provide holistic solutions to increase clients' brand value.

Today, clickTRUE has a growing clientele comprising both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, with a significant pool of clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

Getting there

Quick Facts

  • 1st Google Adwords Authorised Reseller since 2006
  • Founders from Hardware Zone
  • 15 years of Online Experience
  • Specialise in Search & Conversions
  • #1 Google Analytics Consultants in SG/SE-Asia
  • 1st Yahoo! Platinum Search Marketing Agency
  • Associate company of Singapore Press Holdings

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