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Let us show you how we can grow your monthly business numbers with online marketing to get more...

  • sales enquiries
  • phone-ins
  • website visitors
  • e-commerce transactions
  • foot traffic to stores
  • app downloads
  • event registrations

How Online Marketing Benefits SMEs

Online marketing levels the playing ground. While you may not have the same marketing budget as the big brands, running an optimised online marketing campaign can help you reach customers at a fraction of the cost!
Here’s why:

It’s Precise

Stop spending 50% of your marketing budget on customers that don’t buy from you. With a targeted marketing strategy, you can reach more customers who matter - those with an intent to purchase your product, and immediately double your ROI (return on investment).

Spend only as much as you are comfortable with

Rather than fork out a lump sum, without understanding how many customers you might gain, online advertising allows you to spend less per day. You can always increase your spending later.

Know How Your Marketing Campaign Is Performing And Make Changes Before It Fails

Online marketing takes a data centric approach to marketing by zooming in on your target audience and understanding what makes them tick. Find out what your customers like online and target your ads to those channels (Google, Facebook , Yahoo Bing) or websites accordingly.

Already Running Online Marketing Campaigns & Not Seeing Increased Sales? Here are Some Reasons Why.

Driving traffic to a “leaky” website

Ever seen those websites where the information you want plays hide and seek with you? Or been to a crappy website where the page takes forever to load?
A website that isn’t optimised to receive visitors has the highest chance of failing to convert visitors into leads / sales.

Assuming what works offline will work online

Some marketers take the easiest route to advertising online by uploading a print brochure on their website and expecting enquires. However, online marketing involves more than that. It takes a great sales pitch to convince customers to leave their email address or submit an enquiry. Knowing how to convince customers helps to get one foot in the door.

Buying ad traffic and assuming it’ll bring you sales.

Sure, driving traffic to your website is easy, all you have to do is pay up. But are you driving the right traffic to your website?
Suppose your products are tailored for women, but your online ad campaign sends men to your website. Chances are, you’ll spend much but achieve little sales with your campaign.

Our Online Marketing Approach

Ready to delve into the heavier stuff? Here’s a taste of what our online lead generation system involves:

Landing Page: The Page Where Visitors Land On After Clicking Your Ad

This is the page which will help sell your services to your customers, and where your sales pitch should be.

A strong sales pitch should include your product’s main selling points, in addition to information that will set you apart from your competitors. You should also include a form that encourages users to leave their contact details or sign up for your services.

What Matters: Your Key USPs (Unique Selling Points), Persuasive Copy, Browser / Device Compatibility

Traffic Acquisition: Getting Visitors To Your Website

Google, Facebook and Yahoo! Bing are different channels to get users to visit your website. Each channel has a bidding process to determine when your ads are shown, and a specific set of rules on the setup of your ads.

Ad formats on each of these channels vary too. Therefore, how well you optimise your ads (or play by each channel’s rules) can also affect how much you end up paying for each ad, and whether you are able to get consistent traffic for your website.

What Matters: Relevant keywords, High Ad Click-through Rates, Top 5 Ad Positions.

Data Analysis: Know How Your Online Marketing Campaign Is Performing

Get insightful data on the kind of visitors you attract on your landing page and the kind of messaging that appeals to them. We specialise in using your data to improve your campaign continuously.

For example:
- Are you bidding on the right keywords?
- How much time are visitors spending on your landing page?
- Are you targeting the right users?
E.g. Are you selling children toys to those who want pet toys?
- Is what is written on your landing page clear to your users?

What Matters: Setup of Data Tracking, Technical Support, Data Analysis & Insights

Whether you have an online presence or not, let us show you how optimising your online campaign can help get you more leads. Maximize your advertising dollar and stay ahead of your competition.

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Let us help you with your PIC Claims

Our consultants can assist you with your PIC claims. Our leads generation system is eligible under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. Our system and services qualify under the category of 'Acquisition and Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment’.

About clickTRUE

With over two decades of online experience from founding and managing the leading technology portal –, clickTRUE understands what is required to build and grow an online brand. We leverage on our past experience to give advice on best practices and provide holistic solutions to increase clients' brand value.

Today, clickTRUE has a growing clientele comprising both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, with a significant pool of clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

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