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People are talking about you online. Do you know what they’re saying?

Your business’ reputation is critical in today’s business world and should reflect your best side. In fact, a stellar reputation is more valuable than ever.

A Good Name is Better than Fine Perfume

Every day hundreds of thousands of blogs are posted, articles are <written, pictures are shared, videos are uploaded and message boards are filled with active conversations. And it is getting increasing important to know if your brand is talked about in the flurry of all that activity.

Monitor, Listen, Engage, Manage

Listen what people are saying and connect with them in the social spaces where they are talking. Effectively and quickly respond to customer requests and complaints. In doing so, you are managing their perception and resultantly, building your brand positively online.

At clickTRUE, we can help YOU

We have the capabilities to help you with the following so you can assuredly do what you are best at and leave us to do the rest.

  • Monitor on-line communities and social networks
  • Find out what people are saying about your brand online
  • Provide recommendations to ensure your brand is portrayed in positive light online

Our Services Include:

  • Monitoring your reputation
  • Advising you on how to manage responses
  • Tracking popular topics relevant to your business/industry by keywords and phrases
  • Finding buzz on blogs, news, and social networks
  • Setting up alerts via email or RSS for you
  • Getting you reports that show activities and trends

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