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Let Us Out-Perform Your Last SEM Vendor

More Reports, More Optimisation, More Research, More Time For You

You heard us right.

What makes us so confident in bettering the work that you have received from your last vendor? It is not just because we have increased conversions by such and such percentage or decreased cost by so and so much for our other clients. You will have heard all these claims before.

It is because we know that the key to a successful campaign is the attention spent by the vendor on the client, you. We can and will be prepared to spend lots of time communicating with you because of the system we have in place. Try us out for that extra, loving care on your online marketing efforts.

If you need other reasons, here they are:

Consolidate Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook Ads
Get in-depth comparison on how your ads are performing on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. Make easy decisions on where to invest your next marketing dollar.
Multi Language & Currency For Regional/Global Markets
Magnify the level of targeting that your online campaigns can do with localised language support. Instruct us on your working currency and leave the exchange rate calculations for your budgeting needs.
Get The Reports When You Want It & How You Want It
We are prepared to give you monthly, weekly and even daily reports (powered by our secure online reporting intranet). Wow your bosses with analysis and trends chockfull with graphs, charts & tables.
Exhaustive Metrics For Reporting & Review
Allow us to whip up over 1000 variations of metrics and dimensions for your reporting and review needs. Day of the Week versus Clicks, Keywords versus Quality Score versus Cost…the list goes on and on.
Integrated With Google Analytics For Power Insights
If you have Google Analytics implemented for your site, let us seamlessly link it up to your Search and Facebook advertising campaigns. Unleash a whole new level of awareness on the ROI you are getting.
Always-On Optimisation Powered By Algorithms
We use rules, lots of them, to manage and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. This frees up more time for us to listen to your needs and work with you more closely for that better crafted SEM strategy
Enable Meshing Of Search With Facebook Advertising
We run your Facebook campaign like how we run Search – we research, choose and fine-tune interest targeting so that ads reach out only to relevant groups. Enabling all bases to be covered with Search + Social.
Scale To Millions Of Keywords Effortlessly
Keywords is our business. We employ Google, WordNet, Wordstream and Wordtracker tools to find out the relevant keywords for your use. Then we track these keywords and tell you which works.

Getting Started Is Easy

We understand you’re busy with your business, so we’ve made the SEM set-up process a breeze for you. Simply call us to talk to our consultants, share your marketing objectives with us and we’ll set you off in the right direction!

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