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SEO can help you alleviate the frustrations of seeing your competitors appear at the top of search engine results by improving your website’s visibility to rank higher in natural search engine results so you’ll show up where customers are looking.

Get Relevant, Get Ranked, Get Accessible

  • Get targeted prospects. When someone goes online to find something, and your web page matches their search query and appears, you have a potential. Given your web page provides them with the information they were looking for, they could well be your customer.
  • Be easy to find. How many times have you seen an advertisement and thought to yourself, “Hey, I think I will check them out when I get home tonight!” Yet, by the time you get home, you don’t remember the website, so you go on Google and search based on keywords you remember. Optimising your website with the right keywords helps you become relevant and searchable on the Internet.
  • Reflect a strong online presence and brand visibility. Online presence used to be defined as ‘having a website’. Now, online presence means your website is showing on search results.  Online brand visibility speaks volumes about how progressive and adept you are at engaging a digital generation.
  • Be cost-efficient. The cost of SEO is relatively fixed. You don’t have to pay search engines to be indexed although it is highly recommended you optimise your website by furnishing your website with fresh unique content regularly. In the long run, you incur less in SEO than in paid search or any other form of advertising and still bring in the business.
  • Enjoy a website that adheres to high web standards. This means your website is built and designed according to best practices, making it more accessible and healthier, so both search engine crawlers and people can reach you easily.

To Hire a SEO Consultant or Not

To be fair, it is possible to do SEO on your own. But here are 10 reasons why getting an SEO consultant might be the best thing to do.

  1. Good SEO can take a lot of time – time you may not have or cannot afford – so why not let the SEO expert handle that while you focus on what you do best?
  2. A SEO specialist has the resources and experience to help you achieve a high search engine position for a strong keyword that can drive a huge amount of traffic to a website.
  3. SEO is highly competitive with thousands of business competing for the traffic. Having a specialist to do the work will improve your chances of ranking higher.
  4. A qualified SEO specialist will use proper and ethical techniques to minimise the risk of you from getting penalised or black-listed by search engines such as Google.
  5. An SEO specialist is going to produce better and faster results than you could possibly achieve on your own results unless you are a gun at SEO.
  6. Search engine marketing practices are constantly evolving as search engines update and change their algorithms; Specialists are kept up to date and therefore better equipped to market your website.
  7. SEO specialist will also use additional methods to improve your website’s authority and visibility online, which are proven techniques to improve your websites visibility online to gain quality back links and traffic to your website.
  8. An SEO specialist is focused on content. To generate search engine results, you are using words. Similarly, you need words to get your site in those search engines, and this means writing content-rich copy the search engines will pick up on.
  9. An SEO specialist can get you the most bang for your buck. To experiment with your resources on advertising avenues through trial and error is very risky and will be very expensive. Getting a SEO expert can save you the headache and heartache of risking your hard earned cash on experimental advertising.
  10. Contrary to Pay per click (PPC) where the minute you stop paying for those clicks, the traffic stops, but long after you are done paying for that SEO consultant’s services after their job is done, you can still expect your traffic and conversion rates to continue.

Driven by Profitability

At clickTRUE, we are conversions driven.

When doing SEO for you, we not only work to lift your website to the very top of natural search listings using ethical techniques, we also aim to ensure that your target audience is able to relate to your website and its content.

Ultimately, more than driving as many people as possible to your website, we aim to help your site be made more profitable.

After all, what’s the point of being at the top if the customer hates your website and can’t stand to stick around, don’t you agree?

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