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Hi there! If you have been up to date with our blog posts, you would have recognised me by the name as clickTRUE’s current intern! Having been in clickTRUE for about 10 weeks, with this day being my last few working days here, I have decided to pen down some of my thoughts, reflections, and takeaways…
This blogpost will capture moments and observations throughout my journey here.


One fine lunch break with the colleagues who made my stay here so memorable~

There is one thing that is apparently evident here in clickTRUE.

It is not just a digital agency, but it’s a place of talent development.

Don’t get me wrong, clickTRUE has an amazing product — the BLP, the optimal solution to your marketing campaign! (Find out more here) Time to time, improvements are made upon discussion, so that our product and service can suit the need of our clients better and better.
Along the way, not only do the company as a whole grow in success and influence, but it is the individual staff in this place who are groomed, trained, and invested in. The idea of training, is not just in terms of their craft, but also in terms of every staff’s personal development.

Jereme frequently asks…

‘What do you want to do in the future?’
‘Ask me anything – it doesn’t have to be related to work. It can be about anything in life.’
‘Here’s my advice to you, from the perspective of a father of 2, of an entrepreneur…’

Our bosses are not just concerned about how we do our job — they definitely are concerned, but they go beyond just that.

There are a few other characteristics about the organization which I notice are formed upon the notion of developing people and their talents.

1. It’s an environment with a flat hierarchy

clickTRUE staffs are in close and direct contact with the management team. This allows greater room for mentorship and imparting of principles throughout their work life. The entire staff team is a family!

2. clickTRUE is a great training ground

Whether or not you enter the company as an experienced staff, or as a fresh graduate, you are invested in and entrusted with responsibilities.

For myself, I came to clickTRUE with hardly any knowledge about digital marketing. For many of the fresh graduates joining clickTRUE as full time staff, they came in with 0 experience in this industry.

However, that is not a problem here, as long as you have a hunger to learn and a great learning attitude.

You will be attached to a more senior staff who will provide you with the help that you need, and the regular reviews with the bosses helps you to evaluate your performance!

There is a fine balance here between spoon feeding, and personal training. You will NOT be spoon fed here, but we are all encouraged to be resourceful and make things happen our own — but even if we make mistakes or find ourselves lost in the midst of everything, there will always be people to guide you.

In clickTRUE, trainings are not just a means to an end (profits). It is also an end in itself!
One time, I had the opportunity to have a coffee session, or “Ask Me Anything” session with Jereme, and I asked him the question of ‘How do you feel when people leave, after you have invested so much in them?’ He shared that what we are managing here, is talents. They groom talents and nurture people to be the best that they can be in their crafts, as well as imparting the values that he himself live by in his life. Even when a staff gets headhunted and leave for other companies, his mindset is that as a company, we are contributing to the ‘digital marketing ecosystem’, and in the future, we’re very sure that our clickTRUE alumnus will be back to share their insights and experiences in the industry!

Hence, It is not just the products that are invested upon, refined upon, but it is the people who get the greatest investment.

Over time, amazingly, what you get out of this is a team of specialised individuals with the best brains, working together as a team, to offer clients their business solutions in the form of our BLP campaigns.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.15.46 pm


3. Autonomy and Empowerment

I personally feel empowered as an intern! I’ve worked in other industries and other internships before, and usually, we interns are not given much responsibilities nor trusted to handle very important things – which is very understandable – we are untrained, inexperienced, we may mess things up.
However, right here at clickTRUE, I get the opportunity to handle key accounts, and do actual content marketing. I also have the chance to suggest processes, and prepare case study charts that will assist the sales team in their pitch. To me, it takes a lot of trust to be given responsibilities, on a whole lot of risk if something goes wrong as well. We are really the main beneficiaries of this.

Every week, everyone in the company comes together for a “VSM” meeting – Video Sharing Monday. In these meetings, we do objection handling — where we discuss different problems faced and share our opinions, to better the sales pitch each time! In these discussions, our opinions are valued and taken into account when improvements are being decided upon in the sales pitch – even as an intern!

The Tangibles and Intangibles

In clickTRUE, the things that are imparted are not constrained within the tangibles, but the intangibles are seen to be equally, or even more important! Our mentors will want to teach us the soft skills over the hard skills, because hard skills can be learnt anywhere, and that Google is a better teacher.

The intangibles are the soft skills and the culture –. The things that are not easily defined, but adds value to the things you do, and the decisions that you make.

The intangibles are the reasons why occasional coffee sessions, or ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, come about. It is through these sessions where I found out what the company believes in:

  • How clickTRUE started — to serve a need that SMEs experience in the workplace
  • The emphasis on teamwork and family
  • As staff and workers, we need to be thinkers, be people with ambiguity, and be people who are able to respond and think to our feet when an unfamiliar situation arises
  • You need to find a purpose in everything that you do in life

Of course, I learnt the tangibles too!

  • Previously unfamiliar with WordPress and WooCommerce, I had the chance to manage the pre-sales website as part of IT Show 2016. RIght now, if I were to start my own online business and need to build a website for that — I will know how to.
  • Previously, I have never thought much about writing. However, my time here writing blog posts and generating content has allowed me to crystallize my thoughts better and put them into words properly! Right now, I take a shorter time to organise my thoughts, and learnt the skills of making an article interesting!
  • Exposure to the back end of the company, seeing how the work flows take place. Work flows are important processes that helps the company run, meet deadlines, archive minutes, and facilitate discussions across the different departments. I’m exposed to the various softwares and applications used, familiarized myself with the Google applications that are so greatly helpful in facilitating workflow. Some of these thought processes are things that I can take-away, whenever I’m involved in the planning of any other projects in the future.
  • Design. I did not learn in-depth design skills here at clickTRUE, and wouldn’t consider myself qualified to be a photoshop pro. What I do learn is some basic design concepts, useful design applications, to help emphasize and communicate stories in an effective, visual manner.

These lists are not the most comprehensive, but some main takeaways from my 10 weeks here in clickTRUE!

I will end off this blog post by sharing something that I’m very touched by. I’ve already talked about how in clickTRUE, people really matter! One other thing that my boss Jereme believes in, is that we should find out how we can serve society back in our own ways, and search for our own meaning in life.
During the course of my internship, I was chosen to go for a mission trip to Tondo Philippines, and this mission trip meant a lot to me! Being in intern, I was not supposed to take any leave as it was only a short span of 10 weeks. However, I still wrote Jereme an email explaining how much this trip meant, and how much this trip will have a great significance in my life! He had every right to reject this request, and so I just crossed my fingers.

This is the reply that I got from my boss:

Dear Chelsea,

Thought I’d reply you before the weekend ends to put your mind at peace.

The decision is a easy one for me.
1. Your motivation of leave application is for a noble charitable cause.
2. The chance doesn’t come by often.
3. You have demonstrated a careful and responsible thinking process before making this request.

As such, please go ahead with your trip.
With the extension of your leave, please advice on your last day of internship?



Had the privilege of going for this Mission Trip!!

In every company, one extremely important factor that determines whether you want to stay and run with the company’s vision, is the culture, and how you feel like you’re part of a family. I’m more than glad to be able to experience a short span of that here in clickTRUE 🙂




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