A Look Into Google’s Insights

Sharmaine Teo

Ever wondered what the world is searching for on the internet? Google has this tool called Google Insights for Search that helps advertisers and marketers understand user behavior. The tool offers a comprehensive set of statistics based on search volume.

Google Insights is valuable when assessing how search-friendly your business or product is. You can compare seasonal trends, geographic distributions, and category-specific searches, and you can group all these variables together if you want to make your search even more specific.


A brief overview on the 4 most important functions of Google Insights:

Categories can be used to narrow data searches, especially if you target specific sectors such as finance, engineering or entertainment.

Seasonality can be used to predict in advance the ups and downs of your business. This will be used for planning preventive measures in case there are seasonality-associated problems.

Geographic distribution is a very important function that will be used to find where your customers are located.

Properties is a great function to use if you are optimizing certain products for other Google properties, such as image search or product search, which is commonly done by some SEO companies.

In addition, Google allows you to see “rising searches” whenever a search is done, which is a neat feature. Now, rising searches are defined as upcoming searches that have experienced significant growth in a given time period. So for example, when I typed in ‘iphone’,  this came up.


Another useful feature offered by this tool is the ability to identify additional keyword phrases related to your main word. For example, Google Insight  revealed an additional 10 top searches related to ‘iphones’. These keywords may come in useful for your pay-per-click and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. As in all SEO processes, keyword research is the most critical part. A mistake in the keyword research can cost an entire SEO campaign.

Getting down to some of the unique features of Google Insight, you’ll also find features that reflect information such as  regional interest, providing you with a breakdown of the search trends based on countries, ranging from the highest number of searches to the lowest number.  This helps in understanding what the seasonal trend is and can possibly help explain  sales fluctuations from month to month.


Next you are able to compare multiple keywords. So I tried  ‘blackberry’ and ‘iphone’ and below is the search trends for these 2 phones. Furthermore, you are able to range the date from a certain period to another. The period which I searched between was Jan 2007 to Dec 2009. This helps to narrow down the data for a more specific search.


You may think that Google trends and Google insights are similar. However, the differences between Google Trends and Google Tnsights would be that Google Insight is slightly more detailed and provides a visual representation of regional interest on a map. While Google Insights for Search and Google Trends use the same data, Insights for Search is geared towards users (such as researchers or advertisers) who may find some of its advanced features more useful for their purposes.

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