A Tamago Onsen Egg vs Hard Boiled Egg Story

Jereme Wong

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I get it. I know you guys like stories. Let me tell you a lunch story with my lunch buddy.

Monday Lunch

Jackie: This is a nice ramen store. I heard it has a one-star Michelin award for their Tokyo main store. Let’s try it.

Jereme: Yeah, saw their marketing and the branding is not bad. Let’s try it.

Jackie: Seem like a nice place and it is quite full and the comfort level is good. Let’s go for their specialty. (Their best offer)

Jereme: Sure. They look like they know what they are doing pretty well. Good process, neat and clean.

Jackie: Will you like to add on an onsen tamago egg with your ramen?

Jereme: How much?

Jackie: S$1.80 more. Not cheap.

Jereme: Go for it. It’s good.

Tuesday Lunch

Jackie: Hey I tried the Nasi Lemak Burger by McDonalds. It was ok. Everyone was eating it last evening when I was there. The sambal sauce could have been better. Then again, nothing beats the real thing. Let’s go for Nasi Lemak today. It’s the most popular choice at the canteen.

Jereme: Sure lah! Marketing works and tactical promotion campaign works even better when you have done your Brand marketing well. I am sure McDonalds will sell a lot of Nasi Lemak burgers during this period compared to the nasi lemak at the canteen.

Jackie: Hey, do you want to add a hard boiled egg to your Nasi Lemak? Only S$0.50.

Jereme: No lah.

Jackie: How come? You didn’t even need to think yesterday when I asked you to top up at S$1.80 and now at S$0.50, you immediately rejected. You are a very funny man. It was more than 3 times the price!

Jereme: Come, let me explain to you. It is true that they are both eggs. But do you know what it takes to make a purposeful Tamago Onsen Egg? What goes into making the egg runny, soft, creamy and delicate to ensure a good experience each time? What’s the thinking of the chef when he paired up his ramen with such a taste?

The onsen tamago is much harder to prepare. The onsen tamago is a deliberate choice by the chef when he was thinking of the texture, pairing, soup base, noodles and condiments for ensuring a delightful experience for his client each bowl each time. If you want silky whites and creamy yolks, you have to slow cook the egg for 40 minutes at a temperature where the whites and yolks just start to solidify. Other variables that can potentially make or break your egg are the initial temperature of the egg and the size of the egg.

That’s why, when we recreate their our own onsen tamagos at home, we tend to end up with an egg that is either over- or under-cooked. All these compared with just boiling the eggs for 15mins to get a HardBoiled Egg. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, we just need 2 hard boiled eggs in the rush morning hours to get the job done before we hit the road. (Just needed the calories)

Digital marketing is a bit like that as well – many try to do it themselves, only to end up with less than desired results and/or spend more time than they should when they should be working on their core business. It takes an experienced chef to create the perfect onsen tamago for his ramen, just like successful digital marketing requires years of practice and learning from past mistakes and experiences.

Let me share a recent testimonial from the real estate industry which resonated a lot for us.

“Yes, the solutions and services cost more at clickTRUE than many other “dime and a dozen” digital agencies but in life, you get what you pay for. Price is only an issue when Value is a mystery. With their platform and services, value is certainly no mystery.” ~ Eric Tan Head of Training & Sales (Assoc), Savills Residential Pte Ltd

I believe every experienced chef has his own go-to secret recipe for cooking, similarly we also have a tested and proven recipe for digital marketing that was created from our many years of experience. The good news is that we don’t charge 3 times as much. You will be delightfully surprised just like our happy customers. Talk to us today.

If you want to start producing tasty purposeful onsen tamagos or just the run-of-the-best-mill hard boiled eggs kind of digital marketing, hit me a reply and I’ll be happy to share our secret recipe with you.

Back to my Nasi Lemak lunch with Jereme. You have a good lunch too!

If you would like to know more about our Onsen Tamgo digital marketing process, leave behind your contact and we can connect soon.

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