Are You Prepared for Google’s Sidewiki?

Gino Carpio

Last week Google introduced Sidewiki, a new feature for Google Toolbar. Google Sidewiki allows anyone to leave comments and suggestions about pages. Good or bad, you can share your own views and let other people, who also enabled their sidewiki, read them when they visit the website. Google’s main purpose is to share and help other people to understand the website more.

Comments from the Sidewiki are shown based on the quality of your entry. Google ensures that comments shown is based on the highest quality. Google does not allow the user of unnecessary language, example “This website sucks!”. I read an article that Google can filter or detect language sophistication for 14 languages.

As a SEO there are two sides having this feature, positive and negative. Like other tools, Google hopes people will use this feature as a tool of reference to make web surfing and gathering relevant information easier. I am just concerned about fake comments and other feedback with is untrue. Online reputation is an SEO’s job which you do not mean to downplay.

Enjoy these tool wisely, you can download it here!

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Google is all about user experience. If this feature affect how websites rank in organic search, then it can be easily manipulated (probably easier than getting backlinks from authority sites)

Hi Nigel. Thank you for the message. Google's new feature is more on giving information or comments about the page, also one way to share insights. They did not mention that sidewiki can influence the ranking.

“Google developed a personal ranking algorithm that base on: user votes, author's authority, text analysis on our Google Profile”

Hmm… as a webmaster, if you do not have Google Sidewiki installed, how will you be able to monitor users' comments?

As a webmaster or users without Google Toolbar in our browser. Anyway, a Google Toolbar is only available on Internet Explorer and Firefox. That means Google Chrome, Safari, Opera wont get this feature but still they can read the SideWiki Comments using this tool:

See this link and then rethink what the hell you are saying about sidewiki.

Open your damn eyes.

If we look closely, this is all about retaining it's market shares by getting users to involve with activities OUTSIDE the control of the browser. The war has already begun.

There is no way Google can moderate billions and billions of websites. Like i've said, this can be easily manipulated. Whether or not G is going to use it to determine SERP ranking, only Matt Cutts knows. But thats not the point.

I foresee that this sidewiki is going to be an epic fail. I can't wait to see Bing at the top of the chart some day. Big G has been full of themselves landing its ban hammer on its own Adword advertiser or Adsense publisher without any warning. They are literally sending money away to their competitor.

Thank you for another great post.
I look forward to many more entries with high quality info.
I’m a marketer myself and your information always seems to get my business brain going!!

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