Conversion-Driven Site Revamp

Jereme Wong

It was slightly more than 18 months ago when we last overhauled our own website. While the old site did serve its purpose to educate prospects and generate leads for us, we thought we could do better to enhance the user experience for our readers and further improve our conversion rate.

clickTRUE v2 Home Page

So the ground work started about 4 months back, looking at our own analytics data gathered and comparing what users were looking for. We scrutinized the incoming keywords and analysed how users were interacting with our site. One interesting observation that we noticed was a steady increase in users coming through the various mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad and other smartphones) to our website. 

Incoming mobile users on the rise

Result? A brand new website with updated service offerings that looks equally good on both the desktop and smartphone browsers!

Looking good on desktop browser!

Looking equally great on smartphones!

We will continue to review our analytics data to enhance the user experience, and if you do have any feedback for us, please leave us a note. After all, it is with the help of these feedbacks that we roll out a better site each time. Till the next revamp!

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