Effective Use of Digital Marketing – MDIS Breakfast Talk

Adel Woon

clickTRUE recently had the honour of being one of the guest speakers at the MDIS Breakfast Talk on 28 August 2015. This was a great opportunity for us to share about digital marketing. We took this opportunity to enlighten business owners on the powers of digital marketing (look at how viral the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was!) and how it will benefit business owners.

Just take a look at the crowd!



We shared our expertise on digital marketing to a group of over 300+ business owners and marketers, and enabling them to understand more about how our digital marketing methods can help them hit ROI.

We also had the opportunity to meet with the Regional Account Director of Linkedin Marketing Solutions, Mr Peter Murray. He also shared about how businesses can build relationships and make use of the largest professional network to make them professional and successful.

Many business owners were interested in finding out more about our digital marketing methods, individually approaching us after the seminar to learn more, and they also told us that the seminar was extremely informative for them as well!


Thank you MDIS for extending this wonderful opportunity for us to be a guest speaker for your talk!