Making Online Advertising Useful With Google Ad Innovations

Shuxian Huang

Google has recently launched their latest experimental playground for online marketers to get updated on their release of new ad initiatives for search advertising. These includes new ad extensions and ad models which can possibly help you reach out to more targeted audiences that potentially give better success to meet advertising goals.

Google’s Ad Innovation showcases the latest tools for different categories for Search, Display, Mobile and Measurement. Each of these categories offers new feature release or add-ons that can assist you in enhancing your AdWords campaigns to in depth analysis of campaign performances.

Below are some highlights of their tools featured for each category. Do note that some of the features are still in beta stages and not fully released as yet.

Search Funnels (Limited Release)

Search funnels gives you “a set of reports describing the search ad click and impression behavior leading up to a conversion”. It allows you to do first and last click analysis by showing you the conversion paths that the users took before they converted on your ad. This can be substantially important information which can help you in optimising the performances of your campaigns by identifying assisting campaign components such as keywords and ad groups, in addition to those that have converted successfully post click.

Remarketing (Fully Released)

Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse sites within the Google Content Network. Using the audiences tab under your campaign settings, you can create an audience list for remarketing and tag your sites to reach out to users that were browsing through your products or offers featured.

Click to call Phone Extensions (Fully Released)

With the exponential increase in usage of smartphones, advertisers are now able to reach out to mobile users easily enabling click-to-call extensions in ad campaigns. By clicking onto the phone number displayed on the ad, mobile users can connect to your business without much hassle.

Analytics Intelligence (Fully Released)

Analytics Intelligence assist you in the monitoring of campaigns and you can set daily weekly or even monthly alerts and be notified for any campaign abnormalities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. It increases efficiency and allows you to have more time to focus on analysing the data accumulated.

With search marketing technologies getting increasingly complex and evolving rapidly, marketers are constantly faced with the challenges to integrate the technologies into their marketing strategies. Gear up for the evolutionary changes in online marketing by keeping yourself up to date with new advertising technologies and explore any new ways to integrate it in your campaigns marketing mix.

[Editor’s Note] clickTRUE has these features activated for our clients already = )

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